Programs and Services



The Faculty Center will hold a two day New Faculty Orientation to SUNY Oneonta each August. This will be followed by programming throughout the academic year designed for new faculty.


Each year, The Faculty Center will provide mentors for new faculty. If you are interested in serving as a mentor please fill out the online form.

Those selected to serve as mentors for the following year will need to attend a two hour session to prepare for mentoring the first week in August and should be available to meet with the mentee briefly the week before classes begin at New Faculty Orientation. There will also be a couple of informal check in conversations during the academic year.

Mentors will receive a coffee gift card for an establishment on campus at Orientation to treat the mentee during meetings. Mentors will also receive a $200.00 professional development funds through the Fcaulty Center that they may spend at any time during the academic year.

Professional Learning Communities

The Faculty Center will select an annual text as a faculty read. This text will connect to the established theme for the year. Faculty that wish to receive a free copy of the text can join a Professional Learning Community (PLC) that will meet four times a semester to discuss the text and the impact on instruction and learning. Sign up for PLC groups will occur just prior to the start of the semester.

Write In / Grade In

Sometimes carving out time for writing and grading is hard. Come join the monthly informal write in / grade in sessions in the FC/TLTC lounge. Faculty can drop in at any time and do not need to attend every month or even the whole block of time. Each session will begin with a 5 minute check in and then faculty can focus on their own work. The check in allows us to honor our work. Participants will not be asked to read their work or review each other's work. Each write in / grade in is for two hours but you are welcome to stay longer.


The Faculty Center holds workshops throughout the year. Each year will kick off with the annual Institute. This Institute sets the theme for the year, introduces the faculty text, includes an invited keynote and follow up small workshop sessions. Throughout the academic year, additional workshops are offered that include a strand just for new faculty. Other topics include preparation of contract renewal materials, cosponsored digital events with TLTC, and topics connected to excellence in teaching and learning. The Faculty Center also support the Leatherstocking Writing Project, an onsite National Writing Project initiative with an annual summer institute.

Great Ideas Meet Up (GIMU)

GIMUs are short group sessions that allow faculty to hear a variety of best practices in a short time window. These are held in a large room with small stations. Each station has one lead faculty member sharing one fabulous idea for a brief informal chat with three to four faculty as participants. Each chat is 15 minutes long and is participatory in that the “presenter” shares the great idea and then engages the “audience” in a chat about how the idea is implemented. After 15 minutes, a chime or other indicator will sound to ask people to select a new table. The participants can move to any table. There is no set pattern and participants do not need to visit every table. The event will last approximately 75 minutes. There will be one GIMU each semester. We invite you to attend as a participant and to consider leading a table. If you are interested in leading a table, please email the director with your contact information and concept you are willing to share.

Consultation and Class Visits

Need help with a particular issue or want to test out some strategies to enhance your instruction? The director is available for private and confidential consultations. We can also schedule class visits to learn more about your instruction and to help you develop a new approach. Email for an appointment.