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Office of Facilities, Safety and Physical Plant

Work Orders


Metal Lock/Key Request Form (PDF)

To submit a key request, select the above link and choose “Metal Lock/Key Request Form - (PDF)” located on the left side of the page. The Lock/Key Request Form that appears must be completed and printed out, appropriately signed, and sent to Louise Klejbuk in the MOC Service Building.

If you have any questions, please call # 436-2507

Card Access Requests

Card Access provides access to building entrances and interior facilities through the use of a College Identification Card. The cards are issued to faculty and staff through the College ID office at the Hunt Union. Permissions to locations fitted with Card Access reader hardware must be obtained through the relevant Department in consultation with the Building Coordinator.

For Faculty and Staff, requests for changes to Card Access Permissions should be emailed to a user's Department Chair / Director with details on

  • who needs access - full name and role (student, faculty, staff, other)
  • which doors - Building, Room Number and / or other identifier
  • what time periods - particulars on day and time required, if applicable.

This email, endorsed and copied to the Building Coordinator, is then forwarded to the Card Access Administrator at cardaccess@oneonta.edu for action. The Card Access Administrator may then follow up for more detail but in any event will Reply All in an email with the ultimate disposition of the request.

Changes to Card Access for Residence Halls is managed by the Residence Life and Housing Office.

Changes to Card Access for Athletic Facilities in managed by the Athletic Department.

Questions or concerns about Card Access functionality may also be emailed to the Card Access Administrator.


Maintenance Work Request Form

Selecting the above link will send you to the Facilities Operations iServiceDesk. To submit a work request select the “Submit A Request” icon on that page to process a request.

You will also find a link to the Key Policy with important details about issuance of keys.

Any questions? Please phone 436-3053 for help.