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Office of Facilities, Safety and Physical Plant

Building / Room Access


Metal Lock/Key Request

The Lock/Key Request Form  must be completed and printed out, appropriately signed, and sent to the MOC Service Building.

If you have any questions, please call # 436-2507

Card Access Requests

Card Access provides access to building entrances and interior facilities through the use of a College Identification Card. The cards are issued to faculty and staff through the College ID office at the Red Dragon Outfitters building next to Hunt Student Union. All employees are automatically granted access to building entrances outside normal business hours based on their assigned office or work location(s). Access permissions to interior locations fitted with Card Access reader hardware must be obtained through the relevant Department in consultation with the Building Coordinator.

If you need to request a change, an email should go to your Department Chair or Director with details concerning:

Names of people needing access changes, if applicable

  • What door(s) are involved (building and room number/name)
  • Days and times access should be granted.

Sometimes a request does not exactly fit this model – an event may require a door or building to be unlocked for a certain period of time, or perhaps a time schedule for a door has to be changed for a college break, etc.  This is not a problem, but as much detail as possible is important in order to be able to accurately and quickly process the request.

In the case of group access assignment requests (most often collections of students based on class, club or program affiliation) it is critical to have complete information, with first name, last name, middle initial if possible (we have a surprising number of pairs of people the the same first and last names) and in cases of very long rosters, the relevant A0# really speeds things up. If access is not open-ended, an expiration date is very much appreciated. Lists provided in the form of a spreadsheet with FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME and A0# can be processed fastest of all!

If the Department Chair / Director (or in some cases their designee) approves the request, they will then forward the request to cardaccess@oneonta.edu with a Cc to the relevant Building Coordinator and the original requestor.  It is sometimes important to confer with the Building Coordinator regarding certain kinds of change requests ahead of time.  This depends a great deal on which building, door and proposed change is involved. Sometimes the request actually comes from the Chair/Director or Coordinator, so obviously some layers might get skipped.

The Card Access Administrator will follow up on the request if additional information, clarification or approval is necessary, and once the request is closed out, an email confirmation will go back to all concerned regarding its disposition.  The email thread is then archived to preserve a record of the request. This sounds complicated, but most requests are handled same-day or next-day.

Please feel free to contact Phil Bidwell directly if you have any questions about the conversion process, change requests or anything else related to Card Access.

There are some buildings / groups who manage their own access, and the Administrator acts in a support mode:

  • Residence Halls are managed by the Residence Life and Housing Office.
  • Athletic Facilities (Field House and Chase Gym) are managed by the Athletic Department.
  • Hunt Union is managed by the Office of Student Life & Leadership.
  • Milne Library is managed by the Office of the Library Director
  • Lee Hall is managed by the SICAS Center
  • Fitzelle Hall is managed by the School of Education & Human Ecology
  • Fine Arts is managed by the Music Department
  • Bugbee Hall is managed by the Childrens' Center
  • IRC is managed by Creative Media Services
  • Morris is managed by the Morris Complex staff
  • Science 1 is managed by Earth & Atmospheric Sciences and Biology & Biochemistry


Maintenance Work Request Form

Selecting the above link will send you to the Facilities Operations iServiceDesk. To submit a work request select the “Submit A Request” icon on that page to process a request.

You will also find a link to the Key Policy with important details about issuance of keys.

Any questions? Please phone 436-3053 for help.