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Office of Facilities, Safety and Physical Plant



Visitors can always obtain detailed information or get questions answered by calling the Office of Facilities and Safety at 607-436-3224 M-F, 7 AM to 4 PM, University Police at 607-436-3550 outside those hours, or emailing Facilities at facilities@oneonta.edu.


The Project List for 2017 is basically complete. We will be posting information on upcoming projects for 2018 and 2019 as they come into focus.


  1. Bugbee HVAC - starting in late summer and running through early 2018, the replacement and upgrading of building heating and distribution systems.
  2. South Campus Runoff - the construction of stormwater management, bioretention basins, associated plantings and an accessible walkway to connect the First Year Residence Halls with the East Campus Dining Facilities.
  3. Wilsbach Generator - installing emergency backup power to support a dining hall in the event of an outage.
  4. Residence Hall upgrades - a new roof on Huntington, wall treatments at Hays and miscellaneous maintenance at Sherman and Grant.
  5. Matteson Elevator - an upgrade of the service elevator at Matteson Hall.
  6. Hunt HVAC - a two-year project to upgrade heating and cooling systems at the Hunt Student Union.
  7. Welcome Center - the construction of a brand-new building to host the Office of Admissions & Recruitment and to provide a place for prospective students and their families to start their visit to the campus.
  8. Sidewalks and Steps - construction of pathways to offer better access between the west parking lots and the academic quad.
  9. Pool Drain - routine emptying, maintenance and refilling of the College's swimming pool.
  10. Hulbert Laundries - construction of additional laundry rooms for our largest residence hall and the replacement of fireproofing materials in the building's dining facility.
  11. Residence Hall Fire Alarms - routine upgrades to fire alarm control system hardware.
  12. Wilber WiFi - upgrade and enhancements to building wireless networking.
  13. Science 1 Air Conditioning - installation of air conditining systems in parts of our Science Building.
  14. Library Rehab - the start of a two-year project to redevelop parts of the Library to host student academic support services.
  15. WGS Offices - construction of an office suite to host the College's Women's and Gender Studies Department.
  16. General Paving and Sidewalk repair - not shown on the accompanying map, routine maintenance of road and walkway surfaces.