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June 2017 Topics include: Verbal Abuse That’s Hard to Put Words To; Sun Safety and Your Skin; Alcohol Use and Breast Cancer Risk; Danger of Drowsy Driving; Fatigue and Productivity; Be Perceived as a Potential Leader; Don’t Let Worry Wear You Out; and Managing Emotions

May 2017 Topics include: Will Gratitude Add to Your Life?; Media Violence and Aggression Link; Research:
Benefits of Beets; Let Nature Rejuvenate You; Getting Couples’ Communication Unstuck ; Getting Help for Anxiety; Find Work and Family Balance with “Shared Activities”; and How to Receive Criticism Well

April 2017 Topics inlucde: Soft Skills to Know: Being Courteous; How to Inspire Others; Family Dinners; Do they make a Difference?; Safe Dating Tips for Teens; So Much to Do, Too Little Time; Up Your Self-Discipline; Overcoming a Toxic Workplace; and Develop a Stress Management Plan

March 2017 Topics include: Workplace Cubicles: Civility and Courtesy Tips; Study: Ace a Test; Nationwide Teen Cyberbullying Survey Reveals Insights; Got a Staircase (and 30 Minutes a Week?); “Stop the Bickering!”; Using Your Breath to Manage Stress,Soft Skill to Know: Being Cooperative; and Don’t Sit On Your Talents

February 2017 Topics inlcude: Stick to Your New Year's Resolution; Your Credit Score...Tips for Keeping It High; Exercise and Osteoarthritis; Real Power In a Smile; Improving Couple Communication; Stress Management . . .
Dealing with Difficult People; Soft Skill to Know . . . Critical Thinking; and Having More Fun at Work

January 2107 Topics include: Soft Skills to Business Trend Awareness; Power in Group Therapy; Accomplishing Your New Year's Resolution; Is Your Team in Trouble?; Could Volunteering Add to Your Life?; Breaking Down Cultural Communication Barriers; When January's Bills Come Due; and Getting Along with Your Coworker

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July 2016: Topics include: Is There a Book in You?; Lightening Safety; Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service; Avoid Academic Summer Slump; Early Signs of Alcoholism; Crisis Management Skills; How to Build Your Talents; and Science of Taking a Nap

June 2016: topics include Mindful Awareness for Health; Dog Ownership and Health; Driving Under the Influence; Chronic Pain and Substance Abuse; and Building a Stress Management "Tool Kit"

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