Employee Assistance Program
at SUNY Oneonta

Employee Assistance Program Coordinator
Melissa Nicosia



Employee Assistance Program Committee
Committee Chair: Laura Emmett, M/C Representative
LeAnn Standish, CSEA Representative
Dawn Gage, CSEA Representative
Jeri Anne Jerminario, UUP Representative
Gary Wickham, UUP Representative
Deb Ost, UUP Representative
Valery Worden, OAS Representative
Holly Deleski, M/C Representative
Lara Woods, Research Foundation Representative


“Caught in the Middle: The new sandwich generation” Webinar

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The NYS Employee Assistance Program is a peer assistance program jointly sponsored by labor and management. NYS EAP provides confidential information, assessment, and referral services to NYS employees, their family members, and retirees. It also provides orientations and training for all employees, managers, supervisors, and union representatives on benefits and use of EAP. EAP is a Work-Life Services benefit sponsored jointly by labor and management.

EAP is a program designed to assist employees with numerous problems including but not limited to parent-child problems, financial concerns, elder care issues, alcohol and substance abuse, marital problems, depression/anxiety, stress and more.

SUNY Oneonta's EAP coordinator is Melissa Nicosia. Melissa works in the College’s Sponsored Programs Office.  She brings a lot of experience and knowledge regarding EAP as she has served on the EAP committee for 16 years.

Her position as EAP coordinator entails helping you assess your concerns and helping you access resources to help you with your problem.  If you call the EAP Coordinator, Melissa will speak with you about your questions or concerns and if desired, a meeting can be scheduled to discuss the concern in more depth. Part of this discussion will be sorting through what options are available to assist you as well as providing you with information regarding resources available to you.

Melissa is also able to speak to groups about the services EAP has to offer, please contact her for an appointment.

Melissa encourages you to contact her directly at 607-436-2452 or if you would prefer to send email:  melissa.nicosia@oneonta.eduAll inquiries are strictly confidential. NYS EAP is a Work-Life Services benefit sponsored jointly by labor and management.


If this is an urgent referral matter, please contact the 24-hour NY State EAP helpline at 1800-822-0244.

If this is an mental health emergency please call Bassett Hospital Crisis Unit at 1-877-369-6699 or 911.

SUNY Oneonta EAP Newsletter

April 2015

September 2014

On-line Resources
New York State EAP website: http://www.worklife.ny.gov/eap

NYS Balance website. Username: NYS - Password: Balance

WellNYS Everyday -Monthly Behavior Challenges

Monthly Frontline Newsletter

December 2013

January 2014

February 2014 - Topics include Eating Right Tips, Mess and Stress, Domestic Violence, Alcohol Consumption, Bereavement Support

March 2014 - Topics include Chronic Pain, Teen Stress, Heroin - What you can do?, Workplace Violence, Smoking Risks

July 2014 - Topics include Managing Stress, Nutrition, Staycation, Impact of Illness, Volunteering

August 2014 - Subtler Signs of Teen Drug Use, Diabetes Tips for Life, Depression in College, Coping with Divorce

September 2014 - Topics include suicide prevention, trust in the workplace, Would you make a good boss?, Could sunlight be the answer?

October 2014 - Topics include Under Promise and Over Deliver, Seven Sabotaging Team Behaviors, Internet Fraud and Scams, Relationship Stess and Aging Parents, Reducing Shared-Space Headaches.

January 2015 - Topics include Budgeting, Reducing the Risk of Dementia, Boosting Self-Confidence, Planning Time Off



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