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What are the Services of the Office of Health Education

The Office of Health Education serves as a clearinghouse of information concerning a variety of health topics. Members of the college community may access materials, including pamphlets, posters, videos and books regarding most health topics. The Health Educator acts as a resource person and consultant for students requesting topical materials for class work, presentations, service projects or personal use.


A few examples of how we help students:

We can help develop health related programs for RAs.

We can help you research health-related information for personal or classroom use.

We offer several programs that professors can utilize if they will be out of town.

We can support your club if you are doing a health awareness related project.


Current Health Education Programs:

Dot.calm meditation




Students can intern with the Office of Health Education for 1, 2 and 3 credit hours. For more information contact Rebecca Harrington.


Office of Health Education | Counseling, Health, & Wellness Center, Room 110 | (607) 436-3540