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I Need Help Right Now

If you or a friend need help right now, call the Violence Intervention Programs 24/7 Hotline at 432-4855. A hotline worker will guide you through your choices which include: seeking medical attention, reporting the crime, and finding a safe place to spend the night.

The hotline worker is also a trained rape crisis and relationship violence counselor who can help you through this time. They will believe your story, they will listen if you just need someone to talk to.


Looking for the PAIRS website?

In May 2013 the PAIRS committee renamed itself as the know violence committee. It is hoped that this new name better conveys the goal of prevention education which integrates current research for the SUNY Oneonta campus. It is hoped that the transition in names will be short.


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Interested in Becoming A Certified Rape Crisis Counselor?

The Opportunities for Otsego Violence Intervention Program offers the 40 hour training to become a NYS Department of Health Certified Rape Crisis Counselor twice a year.

Dates for the spring 2014 class are: February 26, 27; March 5, 6, 12, 13, 19; April 9, 10, 16

Learn more here.

Or call Shelby Nickerson, Violence Intervention Program Community Educator at 607.433.8031


Great Videos from the Web

Think you've seen everything related to sexual assault prevention education? Check this out!

Commercial from Scotland addressing the issue of victim blaming myths.



What is know violence?

The purpose of the know violence committee is to provide proactive educational services to students, faculty and staff about the issues of sexual and relationship violence and to provide access to quality services for women and men who are affected by violence.

know violence aims to provide quality services to women and men who are affected by violence.

know violence defines rape as the absence of a “SOBER YES.” This means that for consensual sex to occur both partners should be sober and communicating about their actions.

Through programming and other educational services to both men and women, know violence aims to positively change the environment at SUNY Oneonta to create a community where violence in any form is not only unacceptable but non-existent.

know violence works closely with Oneonta’s Violence Intervention Program which provides survivors of rape, sexual assault and violence with a 24-hour hotline and advocacy services.

The committee consists of faculty, staff and students and always welcomes new members. Students interested in volunteering on the know violence committee should contact the Health Educator

But I'm a Guy

A common myth in our society is that men cannot be the victims of sexual assault or relationship violence. This is not true, men are victims too. All of the services on and off campus are available to men too.


Joining the know violence Committee

The know violence committee provides programming and education to the campus community regarding the issues of sexual assault and relationship violence. The Committee is made up of faculty, staff and students and meets once a month.

If you are interested in joining the know violence committee please contact Rebecca Harrington. Email, call (432-3540) or stop by room 110 in the CHW Center.



know violence (formerly PAIRS)

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