Front Court  
Day Date Time Team vs Team
Monday 5-Feb 7:30pm The Has Beens vs Snowblowers
    8:30pm Master Batters vs Kool Kats
    9:30pm At Lease We Tried  vs Bombers 
    10:30pm Wiffleballs vs Sauce 
Tuesday 6-Feb 7:30pm Cream Cheese vs Jerry Kids 
    8:30pm Snowblowers vs Sauce 
    9:30pm Wiffleballs vs At Lease We Tried 
    10:30pm The Has Beens vs Master Batters
Thursday 8-Feb   Kool Kats vs Jerry Kids 
Games     Cream Cheese vs Bombers 
Cancelled     The Has Beens vs At Lease We Tried 
Monday 12-Feb 7:30pm Master Batters vs Bombers 
    8:30pm Snowblowers vs Wiffleballs
    9:30pm Sauce  vs Jerry Kids 
    10:30pm Kool Kats vs Cream Cheese
Tuesday 13-Feb 7:30pm Sauce  vs The Has Beens
    8:30pm At Lease We Tried  vs Snowblowers
    9:30pm Bombers  vs Kool Kats
    10:30pm Jerry Kids  vs Master Batters
Wednesday 14-Feb 7:30pm Wiffleballs vs Cream Cheese
    8:30pm Sauce  vs At Lease We Tried 
    9:30pm Jerry Kids  vs Bombers 
    10:30pm Snowblowers vs Kool Kats
Thursday 15-Feb 7:30pm Jerry Kids  vs Snowblowers
    8:30pm Cream Cheese vs Master Batters
    9:30pm Bombers  vs Sauce 
    10:30pm Wiffleballs vs The Has Beens
Monday 19-Feb 8:30pm Master Batters vs Wiffleballs
    9:30pm Cream Cheese vs The Has Beens
    10:30pm At Lease We Tried  vs Kool Kats
Playoffs Begin