A CENTRAL   A MIDWEST          
      SOUTH B   EAST B          
      NORTH B   WEST B          
        Front Court         Back Court   
        Near Lobby         Near Netzer  
Day Date Time Team vs Team     Team vs Team
Monday 25-Sep 7:30pm S.W.A.T. Team vs Kaible's Team     We Always Get It Up vs Volleyball Rick!
    8:30pm Spykers vs Rough Sets     Kiss My Ace vs Team Sauce
    9:30pm SET'sy & We Know It vs Serves Up     The Aces vs Some Kids
    10:30pm The Pit vs Money Team     Donald Bump vs H-Town
Tuesday 26-Sep 7:30pm Team Creamcheese vs Are You Ready?     Volcano Heads vs EZ Pass
    8:30pm Setting Them Straight vs Billy T'S     Eat My Ace vs Deez Nets
    9:30pm Volleyball vs Notorious D.I.G.     Squadgett vs Hulbert Hippies
    10:30pm Spiked Punch vs Prestige Worldwide     Team Sauce vs Volleyball Rick!
Wednesday 27-Sep 7:30pm Spykers vs Notorious D.I.G.     We Always Get It Up vs Kiss My Ace
    8:30pm EZ Pass vs Deez Nets     The Aces vs Donald Bump
    9:30pm Money Team vs Billy T'S     H-Town vs Some Kids
    10:30pm Setting Them Straight vs Are You Ready?     Squadgett vs Spiked Punch
Thursday 28-Sep 7:30pm SET'sy & We Know It vs Volleyball     We Always Get It Up vs Team Sauce
    8:30pm Serves Up vs Rough Sets     S.W.A.T. Team vs Eat My Ace
    9:30pm The Pit vs Team Creamcheese     Prestige Worldwide vs Kaible's Team
Monday 2-Oct 7:30pm SET'sy & We Know It vs Notorious D.I.G.     Hulbert Hippies vs EZ Pass
    8:30pm The Pit vs Are You Ready?     Volleyball Rick! vs Kiss My Ace
    9:30pm Serves Up vs Spykers     The Aces vs H-Town
    10:30pm Squadgett vs Deez Nets     Some Kids vs Donald Bump
Tuesday 3-Oct 7:30pm Rough Sets vs Volleyball     Hulbert Hippies vs H-Town
    8:30pm Billy T'S vs Team Creamcheese     EZ Pass vs Kaible's Team
    9:30pm Money Team vs Setting Them Straight     Spiked Punch vs Eat My Ace
    10:30pm Prestige Worldwide vs S.W.A.T. Team     We Always Get It Up vs The Aces
Wednesday 4-Oct 7:30pm Are You Ready? vs Money Team     Eat My Ace vs Prestige Worldwide
    8:30pm Notorious D.I.G. vs Serves Up     Forfeit   Donald Bump
    9:30pm Deez Nets vs Hulbert Hippies     Team Sauce vs H-Town
    10:30pm Rough Sets vs SET'sy & We Know It     Volleyball Rick! vs Some Kids
Wednesday 11-Oct 7:30pm S.W.A.T. Team vs Deez Nets     H-Town vs Volleyball Rick!
    8:30pm Team Creamcheese vs Setting Them Straight     The Aces   Forfeit
    9:30pm Spykers   SET'sy & We Know It     Kaible's Team   Spiked Punch
    10:30pm Rough Sets vs Notorious D.I.G.     Donald Bump vs Team Sauce
Thursday 12-Oct 7:30pm Billy T'S vs The Pit     EZ Pass vs Squadgett
    8:30pm Volleyball vs Spykers     S.W.A.T. Team vs Spiked Punch
    9:30pm Money Team vs Team Creamcheese     Some Kids vs We Always Get It Up
Monday 16-Oct 7:30pm Billy T'S vs Are You Ready?     Hulbert Hippies vs Prestige Worldwide
    8:30pm Serves Up vs Volleyball     EZ Pass vs Deez Nets
    9:30pm Setting Them Straight vs The Pit     S.W.A.T. Team vs Squadgett
    10:30pm Kaible's Team vs Eat My Ace     The Aces   Team Sauce
Tuesday 17-Oct 7:30pm Notorious D.I.G. vs Are You Ready?     Donald Bump vs Volleyball Rick!
    8:30pm Rough Sets vs Billy T'S     H-Town vs We Always Get It Up
    9:30pm Volleyball   Team Creamcheese     Hulbert Hippies vs S.W.A.T. Team
    10:30pm SET'sy & We Know It vs The Pit     EZ Pass vs Kaible's Team
Wednesday 18-Oct 7:30pm Squadgett vs Prestige Worldwide     Some Kids   Forfeit
    8:30pm Spykers vs Setting Them Straight     Hulbert Hippies vs Spiked Punch
    9:30pm Serves Up vs Money Team     Deez Nets vs Eat My Ace
Playoffs Begin