MOUNTAIN A   CENTRAL A          
      NORTH B   SOUTHWEST B          
      SOUTH B   NORTHEAST B          
      EAST B   PACIFIC B          
      WEST B   ATLANTIC B          
        Front Court         Back Court   
        Near Lobby         Near Netzer  
Day Date Time Team vs Team     Team vs Team
Monday 23-Sep 7:30pm Serves You Right  vs Setting Ducks     Team Ted vs Baby Clowns
    8:30pm Spike It Like It's Hot vs Desperate Pandas     Team Oneonta vs I'd Hit That
    9:30pm Gomez vs Fish Goes Blub     Blue Barracudas vs Sets on the Beach
    10:30pm It Will Come vs H Crew     The Bumpin' Betty's  vs Bump, Set Slaughter
Tuesday 24-Sep 7:30pm Goldiggers vs Ball Busters     Balls Deep vs You Got Served
    8:30pm Aunt Jamima's Pancakes vs Hit Faced     Spiked Punch vs Kiss My Ace
    9:30pm Chicago Bulls vs Admissions     Self Service vs The Hunt  Squad
    10:30pm Honey Badgers vs Boom Shaka Laka     Victorious Secret vs Despicable Minions
Wednesday 25-Sep 7:30pm We Need Sets vs Volleyllamas     Let's Talk About Sets vs Tyler's Team 
    8:30pm Sauce vs Notorious Dig     Birdman Yaeger vs Seal Team 6
    9:30pm New Generation vs The Red Sets     Barbie Ain't Ken vs Spike Lee's
    10:30pm Fritos Pantry vs Sloppy Sets     Hitting Bricks vs Jodi's Team
Thursday 26-Sep 7:30pm Team Ted vs Admissions     Bump, Set Fright vs Popped A Volley
    8:30pm Victorious Secret vs Sets on the Beach     Spike It Like It's Hot vs Chicago Bulls
    9:30pm I'd Hit That vs Baby Clowns     The Bumpin' Betty's  vs Blue Barracudas
    10:30pm The Hunt  Squad vs Despicable Minions     Team Oneonta vs Gomez
Monday 30-Sep 7:30pm Balls Deep vs Let's Talk About Sets     Fish Goes Blub vs Desperate Pandas
    8:30pm Kiss My Ace vs Bump, Set Slaughter     Self Service vs Spiked Punch
    9:30pm Barbie Ain't Ken vs Birdman Yaeger     New Generation vs Fritos Pantry
    10:30pm Seal Team 6 vs Spike Lee's     Sloppy Sets vs The Red Sets
Tuesday 1-Oct 7:30pm Tyler's Team  vs You Got Served     Ball Busters vs Volleyllamas
    8:30pm Bump, Set Fright vs Hitting Bricks     Goldiggers vs It Will Come
    9:30pm Jodi's Team vs Popped A Volley     Serves You Right  vs Sauce
    10:30pm Team Oneonta vs Admissions     I'd Hit That vs Team Ted
Wednesday 2-Oct 7:30pm We Need Sets vs H Crew     Setting Ducks vs Notorious Dig
    8:30pm Baby Clowns vs Desperate Pandas     Fish Goes Blub vs Spike It Like It's Hot
    9:30pm Gomez vs Chicago Bulls     Honey Badgers vs Aunt Jamima's Pancakes
    10:30pm Self Service vs Sets on the Beach     Boom Shaka Laka vs Hit Faced
Thursday 3-Oct 7:30pm Spiked Punch vs Blue Barracudas     Bump, Set Slaughter vs Despicable Minions
    8:30pm Kiss My Ace vs The Bumpin' Betty's      Victorious Secret vs The Hunt  Squad
    9:30pm The Red Sets vs Fritos Pantry     Barbie Ain't Ken vs Seal Team 6
    10:30pm You Got Served vs Let's Talk About Sets     Spike Lee's vs Birdman Yaeger
Monday 7-Oct 7:30pm New Generation vs Sloppy Sets     Balls Deep vs Tyler's Team 
    8:30pm Notorious Dig vs Goldiggers     Bump, Set Fright vs Jodi's Team
    9:30pm Sauce vs It Will Come     Popped A Volley vs Hitting Bricks
    10:30pm Serves You Right  vs Honey Badgers     Chicago Bulls vs Fish Goes Blub
Tuesday 8-Oct 7:30pm Boom Shaka Laka vs Volleyllamas     Desperate Pandas vs Gomez
    8:30pm Hit Faced vs We Need Sets     Team Ted vs Spike It Like It's Hot
    9:30pm Victorious Secret vs The Bumpin' Betty's      Admissions vs I'd Hit That
    10:30pm Aunt Jamima's Pancakes vs H Crew     Baby Clowns vs Team Oneonta
Wednesday 9-Oct 7:30pm Setting Ducks vs Ball Busters     Despicable Minions vs Self Service
    8:30pm The Red Sets vs Popped A Volley     The Hunt  Squad vs Sets on the Beach
    9:30pm Sloppy Sets vs Jodi's Team     Blue Barracudas vs Kiss My Ace
    10:30pm Serves You Right  vs Goldiggers     Bump, Set Slaughter vs Spiked Punch
Thursday 10-Oct 7:30pm Fritos Pantry vs Hitting Bricks     Aunt Jamima's Pancakes vs Volleyllamas
    8:30pm New Generation vs Bump, Set Fright     Boom Shaka Laka vs H Crew
    9:30pm You Got Served vs Spike Lee's     Sauce vs Ball Busters
    10:30pm Tyler's Team  vs Seal Team 6     Honey Badgers vs We Need Sets
Monday 14-Oct 7:30pm Balls Deep vs Barbie Ain't Ken     Setting Ducks vs It Will Come
    8:30pm Let's Talk About Sets vs Birdman Yaeger     Hit Faced vs Notorious Dig
Playoff  Begin Mon 10/21