Day Date Time Team vs Team
Tuesday 25-Mar 8pm Twin Peaks vs Frizzlebang
    9pm Last Hurrah vs The Freguent Flyers
    10pm Water Boys vs Comfort Palace 
Tuesday 8-Apr 8pm Frizzlebang vs The Freguent Flyers
    9pm Last Hurrah vs Twin Peaks
    10pm Char Boics vs Volleyballin' 
Thursday 10-Apr 8pm Char Boics vs Water Boys
    9pm Last Hurrah vs Frizzlebang
    10pm Comfort Palace  vs Volleyballin' 
Tuesday 15-Apr 8pm The Freguent Flyers vs Twin Peaks
    9pm Char Boics vs Comfort Palace 
    10pm Volleyballin'  vs Water Boys
Thursday 17-Apr 8pm Water Boys vs Twin Peaks
    9pm Char Boics vs Last Hurrah
    10pm Volleyballin'  vs The Freguent Flyers
Tuesday 22-Apr 8pm Comfort Palace  vs Frizzlebang
    9pm Char Boics vs Twin Peaks
    10pm Volleyballin'  vs Last Hurrah
Thursday 24-Apr 8pm Water Boys vs Frizzlebang
    9pm Comfort Palace  vs The Freguent Flyers
Playoffs Begin