Please park cars in the parking lots up past the tennis courts for ALL GAMES
      AMERICAN EAST            
      NATIONAL WEST            
        *Police will ticket cars by field # 3 on Blodgett Drive    
      Field 3     Field 4  
Day Date Time Team vs Team   Team vs Team
Saturday 14-Sep 1pm The Little Rascals vs Barker's Beauties   We Have Soft Balls vs Clown Babys'
    2:15pm Scalawags vs Chicago Bulls   Pablo Sanchez Bombers vs Not So Soft Ballers
    3:30pm The Despicable Minions vs JV Superstars   Phi Kappa Psi vs Jackovasaurs
Sunday 15-Sep 1pm Phi Kappa Psi vs Clown Babys'   Scalawags vs Barker's Beauties
    2:15pm The Despicable Minions vs We Have Soft Balls   Pablo Sanchez Bombers vs The Little Rascals
    3:30pm JV Superstars vs Jackovasaurs   Not So Soft Ballers vs Chicago Bulls
Saturday 21-Sep 1pm Pablo Sanchez Bombers vs Barker's Beauties   The Despicable Minions vs Clown Babys'
    2:15pm Not So Soft Ballers vs Scalawags   JV Superstars vs Phi Kappa Psi
    3:30pm Chicago Bulls vs The Little Rascals   Jackovasaurs vs We Have Soft Balls
Sunday 22-Sep 1pm Clown Babys' vs JV Superstars   Barker's Beauties vs Not So Soft Ballers
    2:15pm Jackovasaurs vs The Despicable Minions   Chicago Bulls vs Pablo Sanchez Bombers
    3:30pm The Little Rascals vs Scalawags   We Have Soft Balls vs Phi Kappa Psi
**Double Eliminations Tournament Begins**        
***Check Softball Tounrmanet Brackets For Game Times***