Please park cars in the parking lot by field #4 for ALL GAMES    
        *Police will ticket cars by field # 3 on Blodgett Drive    
      Field 4     Field 3  
Day Date Time Team vs Team   Team vs Team
Saturday 19-Sep 1pm Team Chris vs The Punch    Washed Up vs Prestige Worldwide
    2:15pm Barker's Beauties vs Oneonta Royals    Team Sauce vs The Elbow Breakers
    3:30pm RNS vs The Llamas        
Sunday 20-Sep 1pm Washed Up vs Team Chris   Barker's Beauties vs The Punch 
    2:15pm Team Sauce vs RNS   The Llamas vs Oneonta Royals 
    3:30pm The Elbow Breakers vs Prestige Worldwide        
Saturday 26-Sep 1pm The Llamas vs Barker's Beauties   Team Sauce vs Team Chris
    2:15pm Oneonta Royals  vs Prestige Worldwide   The Elbow Breakers vs Washed Up
    3:30pm RNS vs The Punch         
Sunday 27-Sep 1pm Team Chris vs The Elbow Breakers   The Punch  vs The Llamas
    2:15pm Team Sauce vs Prestige Worldwide   Oneonta Royals  vs RNS
    3:30pm Barker's Beauties vs Washed Up        
**Double Eliminations Tournament Begins**        
***Check Softball Tournament Brackets For Game Times***