Please park cars in the parking lot by field #4 for ALL GAMES    
  *Police will ticket cars by field # 3 on Blodgett Drive          
      CR-CALIFORNIA LEAGUE              
      CR-FLORIDA STATE LEAGUE              
      MEN'S NY-PENN LEAGUE              
        Field # 3          Field # 4   
Day Date Time Team vs Team     Team vs Team
Monday 11-Apr 4:15pm The Has Beens vs Wade Boggs Style     Softballs  vs Team Sauce
    5:15pm We Hit That vs Blodgett Bombers     RNS vs Softballs, Hard Bats
    6:15pm Washed Up vs Prestige Worldwide     Dusty Baker Beauties vs Iota Tau Kappa
Tuesday 12-Apr 4:15pm SUH vs Highballers     7th Floor Crew vs Immamuel Kants
    5:15pm Iota Tau Kappa vs Team Sauce     White Dragons vs Basic Pitches
    6:15pm Dusty Baker Beauties vs Softballs      Shabba Ranks vs Sammy
Wednesday 13-Apr 4:15pm Immamuel Kants vs Softballs, Hard Bats     Prestige Worldwide vs Blodgett Bombers
    5:15pm 7th Floor Crew vs RNS     SUH vs Wade Boggs Style
    6:15pm Shabba Ranks vs The Has Beens     Washed Up vs White Dragons
Thursday 14-Apr 4:15pm 7th Floor Crew vs Softballs, Hard Bats     Sammy vs Highballers
    5:15pm Immamuel Kants vs Team Sauce     Iota Tau Kappa vs Softballs 
    6:15pm Dusty Baker Beauties vs RNS     We Hit That vs Basic Pitches
Sunday 17-Apr 1pm Washed Up vs Basic Pitches     Prestige Worldwide vs We Hit That
    2:15pm Blodgett Bombers vs White Dragons     RNS vs Team Sauce
    3:30pm Highballers vs The Has Beens     Dusty Baker Beauties vs Immamuel Kants
    4;45pm Sammy vs SUH     Shabba Ranks vs Wade Boggs Style
Monday 18-Apr 3:30pm Basic Pitches vs Prestige Worldwide     7th Floor Crew vs Iota Tau Kappa
    4:30pm Blodgett Bombers vs Washed Up     Softballs  vs Softballs, Hard Bats
    5:30pm White Dragons vs We Hit That     Wade Boggs Style vs Sammy
    6:30pm Highballers vs Shabba Ranks     The Has Beens vs SUH
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