Please park cars in the parking lot by field #4 for ALL GAMES    
  *Police will ticket cars by field # 3 on Blodgett Drive          
      CR-CALIFORNIA LEAGUE              
      CR-FLORIDA STATE LEAGUE              
      MEN'S NY-PENN LEAGUE              
        Field # 3          Field # 4   
Day Date Time Team vs Team     Team vs Team
Monday 10-Apr  3:30pm Softballs vs Backdoor Sliders     Team Sauce vs Team Cream Cheese
Field #4   4:30pm Team Saucier vs Silver Bullets     Grip it & Rip It vs Hits & Giggles
Cancelled   5:30pm White Owlz vs Bad News Sigs     We Got The Runs vs Dirty Mike and the Boys
    6:30pm Bye, Felicias vs The Has Beens     White Dragons vs Ball Busters
Tuesday 11-Apr  3:45pm White Dragons vs The Has Beens     Donky Crankers vs Yager Bombers
Field #4   4:45pm Softballs vs White Owlz     The Hitmen vs Frag Out 
Cancelled   5:45pm Grip it & Rip It vs Bye, Felicias     Silver Bullets vs Dirty Mike and the Boys
    6:45pm Hits & Giggles vs Ball Busters     Team Saucier vs We Got The Runs
Wednesday 12-Apr  3:30pm Donky Crankers vs Bad News Sigs     Team Cream Cheese vs Frag Out 
Field #4   4:30pm Yager Bombers vs Backdoor Sliders     Ball Busters vs Bye, Felicias
Cancelled   5:30pm Team Sauce vs The Hitmen     Grip it & Rip It vs The Has Beens
Thursday 13-Apr  3:45pm Hits & Giggles vs White Dragons     Dirty Mike and the Boys vs Donky Crankers
    4:45pm Team Saucier vs Team Sauce     Silver Bullets vs Yager Bombers
    5:45pm Bad News Sigs vs We Got The Runs     Frag Out  vs Softballs
    6:45pm Team Cream Cheese vs Backdoor Sliders     The Hitmen vs White Owlz
Playoff Begin