Intramural Program and Campus Recreation


3 on 3 Basketball

Mager Squad Earns A League Honors

Silver Bullets Wins B League Crown

Jillian's Team Takes Women's Championship

Team Sauce - 3 on 3 A League Basketball Runner Up

Soiled Boys - 3 on 3 B League Basketball Runner Up

Team Ror - 3 on 3 Women's League Basketball Runner Up

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Cromartie's Children Wins 2016 Wiffleball Title

Pablo Sanchez Bombers - Wiffleball Runner Up

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Fanelli Faded Repeat A League Volleyball Champs

Scrubs Wins B League Volleyball Championship

Hit Faced - Volleyball A League Runner Up

Tom's Turnip Team - Volleyball B League Runner Up

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Indoor Soccer

Men's Indoor Soccer Championship

Co Rec Indoor Soccer Title

Men's Indoor Soccer Runner Up

Co Rec Indoor Soccer Runner Up

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Softballs Win Men's Softball Championship

Washed Up Repeats For Co Rec Softball Title

Dusty Bakers Beauties - Men's Softball Runner Up

We Hit That - Co Rec Softball Runner Up

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Arena Football

Arena Football Bragging Rights

Arena Football Runner Up

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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee Crown

Ultimate Frisbee Runner Up

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