NFL CONFRENCE            
      AFC CONFERENCE            
        Field A       Field B  
Day Date Time Team vs Team   Team vs Team
Monday 26-Sep 3:30pm Elites vs Marra Militia   Prestige Worldwide vs Team Creamcheese
    4:30pm Freshletes vs Jeff Janis   The Stals vs Harambe's Zookeepers
    5:30pm Abusement Park vs Blue Powerade   Team Sauce vs White Dragons
Wednesday 28-Sep 3:30pm Abusement Park vs RG3's Knees   Ed's Bach vs Jerry's Kids
    4:30pm Harambe's Zookeepers vs Marra Militia   Squids Football vs Trailblazers
    5:30pm Cheeseburger Eddies vs Elites   Team Sauce vs Freshletes
Monday 3-Oct 3:30pm Freshletes vs Blue Powerade   Ed's Bach vs The Stals
    4:30pm RG3's Knees vs Elites   Trailblazers vs Jerry's Kids
    5:30pm Abusement Park vs Cheeseburger Eddies   Team Sauce vs Jeff Janis
Wednesday 5-Oct 3:30pm Jeff Janis vs Elites   Marra Militia vs Team Creamcheese
    4:30pm Ed's Bach vs Harambe's Zookeepers   White Dragons vs Prestige Worldwide
    5:30pm Squids Football vs Blue Powerade   RG3's Knees vs Cheeseburger Eddies
Wednesday 12-Oct 3:30pm White Dragons vs Team Creamcheese   The Stals vs Trailblazers
    4:30pm Cheeseburger Eddies vs Harambe's Zookeepers   Prestige Worldwide vs Jerry's Kids
    5:30pm RG3's Knees vs Squids Football   Abusement Park vs Freshletes
Monday 17-Oct 3:30pm Ed's Bach vs Prestige Worldwide   White Dragons vs Jerry's Kids
    4:30pm The Stals vs Marra Militia   Trailblazers vs Blue Powerade
    5:30pm Squids Football vs Jeff Janis   Team Sauce vs Team Creamcheese
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