SEC CONFRENCE            
      ACC CONFERENCE            
        Field A       Field B  
Day Date Time Team vs Team   Team vs Team
Monday 25-Sep 3:30pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?" vs Hunter Tracy   Squids vs Team Creamcheese
    4:30pm Jerry's Kids vs RG3's Knees   Team Sauce vs The Waffle Blues
    5:30pm Dirty Mike & The Boys  vs The Railbenders   Any Box vs Blue Collar Veterans
Wednesday 27-Sep 3:30pm White Dragons vs Team Sauce   The Waffle Blues vs RG3's Knees
    4:30pm Stals vs Vick's Dog Pound   Squids vs Hunter Tracy
    5:30pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?" vs Jerry's Kids   RNS vs Sergio Dipp
Saturday  30-Sep 1pm Team Sauce vs RG3's Knees   White Dragons vs Team Creamcheese
    2pm Sergio Dipp vs Vick's Dog Pound   Blue Collar Veterans vs The Railbenders
    3pm RNS vs Stals   Any Box vs Dirty Mike & The Boys 
Monday 2-Oct 3:30pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?" vs Squids   The Waffle Blues vs Team Creamcheese
    4:30pm Team Sauce vs Jerry's Kids   Any Box vs RG3's Knees
    5:30pm White Dragons vs Hunter Tracy   The Railbenders vs RNS
Wednesday 4-Oct 3:30pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?" vs Team Sauce   Blue Collar Veterans vs Sergio Dipp
    4:30pm Any Box vs Vick's Dog Pound   White Dragons vs Squids
    5:30pm Dirty Mike & The Boys  vs Stals   Jerry's Kids vs RNS
Wednesday 11-Oct 3:30pm Forfeit   Hunter Tracy   Team Creamcheese vs RG3's Knees
    4:30pm Any Box vs RNS   The Railbenders vs Vick's Dog Pound
    5:30pm Dirty Mike & The Boys  vs Sergio Dipp   Blue Collar Veterans vs Stals
Saturday  14-Oct 1pm Team Sauce vs Sergio Dipp   Team Creamcheese vs Jerry's Kids
    2pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?" vs White Dragons   Forfeit   Squids
    3pm RG3's Knees vs Hunter Tracy   Any Box vs Stals
Sunday 15-Oct 2pm Dirty Mike & The Boys    Forfeit   The Railbenders vs Sergio Dipp
    3pm Blue Collar Veterans   Forfeit   Squids vs RG3's Knees
    4pm Forfeit   White Dragons   Hunter Tracy vs Jerry's Kids
Monday 16-Oct 3:30pm "Hey , How Are Ya's?"   Forfeit   Team Creamcheese vs Team Sauce
    4:30pm         Sergio Dipp vs Stals
    5:30pm Blue Collar Veterans vs Dirty Mike & The Boys    Any Box vs The Railbenders
Playoffs Begin