NFC CONFERENCE            
      AFC CONFERENCE            
        Field A       Field B  
Day Date Time Team vs Team   Team vs Team
Monday 28-Sep 3:30pm Puzzles vs Goat   Has Been's vs Prestige Worldwide
    4:30pm A Tribute To Eric Parker vs Football Flockers   Love vs Silver Bullet
    5:30pm Team Sauce vs Squids   Chabodknicks vs Ed's Bach
Wednesday 30-Sep 3:30pm Ed's Bach vs Illya Vanel   Love vs Goat
    4:30pm A Tribute To Eric Parker vs Has Been's   Prestige Worldwide vs Football Flockers
    5:30pm Team Sauce vs Puzzles   Chabodknicks vs Cleveland Browns
Monday 5-Oct 3:30pm Prestige Worldwide vs Love   Cleveland Browns vs Ed's Bach
    4:30pm Football Flockers vs Goat   Squids vs Silver Bullet
    5:30pm Illya Vanel vs Team Sauce   Chabodknicks vs A Tribute To Eric Parker
Wednesday 7-Oct 3:30pm Illya Vanel vs Prestige Worldwide   Football Flockers vs Love
    4:30pm Cleveland Browns vs Puzzles   Has Been's vs Silver Bullet
    5:30pm Chabodknicks vs Team Sauce   Ed's Bach vs Squids
Wednesday 14-Oct 3:30pm Has Been's vs Goat   A Tribute To Eric Parker vs Love
    4:30pm Ed's Bach vs Puzzles   Football Flockers vs Silver Bullet
    5:30pm Cleveland Browns vs Squids   Chabodknicks vs Illya Vanel
Monday 19-Oct 3:30pm Illya Vanel vs Puzzles   Prestige Worldwide vs Goat
    4:30pm A Tribute To Eric Parker vs Silver Bullet   Has Been's vs Ed's Bach
    5:30pm Chabodknicks vs Squids   Cleveland Browns vs Team Sauce
Wednesday 21-Oct 3:30pm Cleveland Browns vs Illya Vanel   Goat vs Silver Bullet
    4:30pm Has Been's vs Football Flockers   Prestige Worldwide vs A Tribute To Eric Parker
    5:30pm Team Sauce vs Love   Puzzles vs Squids
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