Intramural Program and Campus Recreation


Campus Recreation - Frequently Asked Questions


What Can I Wear To Use The Facilities?
Proper attire is required (sweats, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops & sneakers). No street clothing. Jeans and other materials wear down the fabric and limits the life of the work out machines.

Who Is Eligible To Become A Member?
All SUNY Oneonta students, faculty & staff having a valid ID Card may use the Chase facilities.

In order for faculty, staff and students to use the Alumni Field House fitness center, an online orientation program must be successfully completed, activating your ID card for entry into the fitness center. To complete the online orientation program, go to the Athletics Department homepage and click on the Fitness Center Registration button.

Can I Bring A Guest?
Yes. Member of the campus community may request a temporary guest pass. Having a guest means that you will be responsible for that individual. Due to the volume in our facilities, these passes are temporary and are provided for our students who have an approved guest on our campus. A guest pass can be obtained from the main Athletics Department Office located on the third floor of the Alumni Field House between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday.

Are the Facilities Open During Breaks?
Generally, we are closed during most college breaks. However, during the September & October breaks, we will be opened for abbreviated hours while the residence halls remain open.

Are the Facilities Open During the Summer?
Yes, on a limited number of hours TBA

Alumni Field House Fitness Center
Monday-Thursday 7am-10pm
Friday 7am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 1pm-8pm

Chase PE Fitness Center & Weight Room
Monday-Friday 12-1 p.m. for Faculty Hour (fitness center only)
PHED Classes and Athletic Team Practices 8am-6pm (see posted schedule and reservations)
Open for general use:
Monday-Thursday 6pm-10pm
Friday 6pm-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
CLOSED for the summer

Times are subject to change and in rare events the facilities may need to open late or close early based on the availability of staff and at the discretion of the Fitness Staff, the Fitness Director, Custodial Staff, and or Administration.