5 ON 5 BASKETBALL             
Thursday 3-Nov 8pm White Dragons vs Dream Team   Space Jam vs 3 Dubs
    9pm Tune Squad vs Buncha Busters   Soiled Boys vs At Least We Tried 
    10pm Magic Johnson vs Gatekeepers   Patriots vs Big Trout
Sunday 6-Nov 1:30pm Pippen Ain't Easy vs Not In My House   10 Day Contracts vs Lax
    2:30pm Wolfpack vs Beta Chi   Wilbur and the Wings vs Maple Street Hooligans
    3:30pm Silver Bullets vs RNS-A Tribute to Joel   The Brady Bunch vs Scrubs
Monday 7-Nov 8pm Blue Powerade vs B League Material   S.W.A.T. Team vs Jimmy 3's
    9pm Moist vs City Boys   RCS-A Tribute to Leslie vs Hoop There It Is
    10pm Team Sauce vs Straight  Cash Homie   The Granny Shots vs Ball Buds
Tuesday 8-Nov 8pm 2 West  vs Justice League   Tune Squad vs Beta Chi
    9pm Soiled Boys vs 3 Dubs   Pippen Ain't Easy vs Wolfpack
    10pm Big Trout vs At Least We Tried    Not In My House vs Buncha Busters
Wednesday 9-Nov 8pm Scrubs vs Maple Street Hooligans   Wilbur and the Wings vs Lax
    9pm Patriots vs Space Jam   White Dragons vs 10 Day Contracts
    10pm Gatekeepers vs Dream Team   Magic Johnson vs The Brady Bunch
Thursday 10-Nov 8pm S.W.A.T. Team vs Ball Buds   Team Sauce vs B League Material
    9pm Hoop There It Is vs Jimmy 3's   City Boys vs RNS-A Tribute to Joel
    10pm RCS-A Tribute to Leslie vs The Granny Shots   Moist vs 2 West 
Monday 14-Nov 8pm Justice League vs Straight  Cash Homie   Not In My House vs Tune Squad
    9pm Silver Bullets vs Blue Powerade   Buncha Busters vs Wolfpack
    10pm Pippen Ain't Easy vs Beta Chi   Patriots vs 3 Dubs
Tuesday 15-Nov 8pm Gatekeepers vs White Dragons   Big Trout vs Soiled Boys
    9pm Magic Johnson vs 10 Day Contracts   At Least We Tried  vs Space Jam
    10pm Dream Team vs Maple Street Hooligans   Scrubs vs Wilbur and the Wings
Wednesday 16-Nov 8pm Moist vs Blue Powerade   Hoop There It Is   S.W.A.T. Team
    9pm City Boys vs Silver Bullets   Jimmy 3's vs The Granny Shots
    10pm Buncha Busters vs Pippen Ain't Easy   Beta Chi vs Not In My House
Thursday 17-Nov 8pm Lax vs The Brady Bunch   Justice League vs Team Sauce
    9pm RCS-A Tribute to Leslie   Ball Buds   RNS-A Tribute to Joel vs Straight  Cash Homie
    10pm 3 Dubs vs Big Trout   2 West  vs B League Material
Sunday 20-Nov 1:30pm Wolfpack vs Tune Squad   Space Jam vs Soiled Boys
    2:30pm At Least We Tried  vs Patriots   10 Day Contracts vs Gatekeepers
Monday 28-Nov 8pm Maple Street Hooligans vs The Brady Bunch   Dream Team vs Magic Johnson
    9pm Blue Powerade vs City Boys   The Granny Shots vs S.W.A.T. Team
    10pm RNS-A Tribute to Joel vs Moist   Scrubs vs Lax
Wednesday 30-Nov 8pm Silver Bullets vs Team Sauce   Ball Buds vs Hoop There It Is
    9pm Straight  Cash Homie vs 2 West    Jimmy 3's vs RCS-A Tribute to Leslie
    10pm B League Material vs Justice League   Wilbur and the Wings vs White Dragons
Playoffs Begin