5 ON 5 BASKETBALL             
Sunday 2-Nov 1:30pm The Lannistars vs Blue Dream   Blue Computer vs The Dark Knights
    2:30pm Alpha Phi Sluggers vs Chef Donnas   Squaaad vs ASP B League
    3:30pm Space Jam vs Tune Squad   Big Dictionaries  vs Basketball Team 
Monday 3-Nov 8pm 21 Shump Street vs Team Sauce    Yak Yak Boys vs Michael Scott Paper Company 
    9pm 7th Floor Crew vs D 12   The Jimmy Three's  vs The Hoopsy Daisies
    10pm Silver Iguanas vs Team Bye Week   Oneonta Lakers vs Rimtrotters
Tuesday 4-Nov 8pm Team Paradise vs Lock Down    The Wilsbach Eds vs The Jimmy Three's 
    9pm Team Basketball vs Smithtown Boys   The Kareemsicles vs Can We Get Much Higher
    10pm Oneonta State Warriors vs Team 845   Alpha SIG/SDT vs Haterade
Wednesday 5-Nov 8pm Basketball Team vs Tune Squad   The Dark Knights vs ASP B-League
    9pm Big Dictionaries  vs Team Sauce   Space Jam vs 21 Shump Street
    10pm Blue Computer vs Squaaad   Blue Dream vs Chef Donna
Thursday 6-Nov 8pm The Lannistars vs Alpha Phi Sluggers   Silver Iguanas vs D12
    9pm Oneonta Lakers vs The Jimmy Three's   Team Paradise vs 7th Floor Crew
    10pm Alpha Sig/ SDT vs Rimtrotters   Oneonta State Warriors vs Smithtown Boys
Sunday 9-Nov 1:30pm The Kareemsicles vs The Hoopsy Daisies   Lockdown vs Team Bye Week
    2:30pm The Wilsbach Ed's  vs Haterade   Yak Yak Life vs Team Basketball
    3:30pm Alpha Sig/ SDT vs Can We Get Much Higher   Michael Scott Paper Company vs Team 845
Monday 10-Nov 8pm ASP B-League vs Big Dictionaries    Dark Knights vs Basketball Team
    9pm Blue Computer vs The Lannistars   Chef Donna vs Space Jam
    10pm Oneonta Lakers vs Alpha Sig/ SDT   Team Paradise vs D 12
Tuesday 11-Nov 8pm Blue Dream  vs Tune Squad   Alpha Phi Sluggers vs 21 Shump Street
    9pm Squaaad vs Team Sauce   Lockdown  vs Silver Iguanas
    10pm The Kareemsicles vs The Jimmy Three's   Michael Scott Paper Company vs Oneonta State Warriors
Wednesday 12-Nov 8pm Yak Yak Life vs Smithtown Boys   The Wilsbach Ed's vs Rimtrotters
    9pm Team Bye Week vs 7th Floor Crew   The Kareemsicles vs Hoopsy Daisies
    10pm Team 845 vs Team Basketball   Can We Get Much Higher vs Haterade
Thursday 13-Nov 8pm The Dark Knights vs Team Sauce   Chef Donna vs ASP B-League
    9pm Squaaad  vs Basketball Team   Alpha Phi Sluggers vs Tune Squad
    10pm Blue Computer vs Big Dictionaries    21 Shump Street  vs Blue Dream
Monday 17-Nov 8pm Oneonta Lakers vs The Kareemsicles   D 12 vs Lockdown 
    9pm The Lannistars vs Space Jam   Team Bye Week vs Team Paradise
    10pm The Wilsbach Ed's  vs Alpha Sig/  SDT   7th Floor Crew vs Silver Iguanas
Tuesday 18-Nov 8pm Smithtown Boys vs Michael Scott Paper Company   The Wilsbach Ed's  vs The Jimmy Three's
    9pm Team 845 vs Yak Yak Life   Can We Get Much Higher vs Rimtrotters
    10pm Team Basketball vs Oneonta State Warriors   Blue Computer   Team Sauce
Wednesday 19-Nov 8pm The Lannistars vs 21 Shump Street    Haterade vs Hoopsy Daisies
    9pm Chef Donna vs Tune Squad   ASP B-League vs Basketball Team
    10pm Alpha Phi Sluggers vs Squaaad    The Dark Knights vs Big Dictionaries 
Thursday 20-Nov 8pm Blue Dream vs Space Jam   Oneonta State Warriors   Yak Yak Life
    9pm Silver Iguanas vs Team Paradise   Can We Get Much Higher vs Alpha Sig/  SDT
    10pm Lockdown  vs 7th Floor Crew   Haterade vs The Kareemsicles
Saturday 22-Nov 1:30pm Team Bye Week vs D 12   Haterade vs The Jimmy Three's
    2:30pm Team 845 vs Smithtown Boys   Hoopsy Daisies vs Rimtrotters
    3:30pm Michael Scott Paper Company vs Team Basketball   Oneonta Lakers vs The Wilsbach Ed's 
Playoffs Begin