3 ON 3 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE              
        Front Court         Back Court  
Day Date Time Team vs Team     Team vs Team
Monday 5-Feb 7:30pm Squids vs The Chicken Cutlets     Lob City  vs Flop City 
    8:30pm Harden's Beard vs Dime & Dash      Take A Knee vs The Has Beens
    9:30pm Alpha Sig vs Oneonta's Finest     Jerry Kids vs 3 Musketeers
    10:30pm Cherry Street Tubbies vs Fort Knights     Prestige Worldwide vs Creamcheese
Tuesday 6-Feb 7:30pm Kareem Abdul Jabronies vs The Lonzbros     Bucket Gettaz vs 5 Guys 
    8:30pm Tom's All-Stars vs Stals     Jordan's Diamonds vs MagicJohnsons
    9:30pm Awakened Tribe vs George Bush is a Lizard     D-Port / L-Town vs Liz McGrail's Army
    10:30pm White Dragons vs FC Reptar     At Least We Tried vs Team Sauce 
Thursday 8-Feb   Jimmy 3's vs Young Eats     Team Swoosh vs The Cougars
Games     Team Popovich  vs 54     Re2p3ct vs Blue
Cancelled     Harden's Beard vs The Chicken Cutlets     Alpha Sig vs Squids
Sunday 11-Feb 1:30pm Oneonta's Finest vs Dime & Dash      Take A Knee vs Fort Knights
    2:30pm Jerry Kids vs Cherry Street Tubbies     3 Musketeers vs The Has Beens
    3:30pm 54 vs Team Sauce      Team Popovich  vs Lob City 
Monday 12-Feb 7:30pm The Lonzbros vs MagicJohnsons     Liz McGrail's Army vs Blue
    8:30pm George Bush is a Lizard vs FC Reptar     Prestige Worldwide vs Bucket Gettaz
    9:30pm Tom's All-Stars vs Jimmy 3's     Awakened Tribe vs White Dragons
    10:30pm Stals vs Young Eats     At Least We Tried vs Flop City 
Tuesday 13-Feb 7:30pm Creamcheese vs 5 Guys      Re2p3ct vs The Cougars
    8:30pm Kareem Abdul Jabronies vs Jordan's Diamonds     D-Port / L-Town vs Team Swoosh
    9:30pm Alpha Sig vs The Chicken Cutlets     Jerry Kids vs Fort Knights
    10:30pm Dime & Dash  vs Squids     Oneonta's Finest vs Harden's Beard
Wednesday  14-Feb 7:30pm 3 Musketeers vs Take A Knee     The Has Beens vs Cherry Street Tubbies
    8:30pm MagicJohnsons vs Team Popovich      Kareem Abdul Jabronies vs Prestige Worldwide
    9:30pm Jordan's Diamonds vs Lob City      The Lonzbros vs 54
    10:30pm 5 Guys  vs At Least We Tried     Bucket Gettaz vs Flop City 
Thursday 15-Feb 7:30pm FC Reptar vs Tom's All-Stars     Creamcheese vs Team Sauce 
    8:30pm Awakened Tribe vs Young Eats     D-Port / L-Town vs The Cougars
    9:30pm White Dragons vs Jimmy 3's     Liz McGrail's Army vs Re2p3ct
    10:30pm George Bush is a Lizard vs Stals     Blue vs Team Swoosh
Saturday 17-Feb 1:30pm The Chicken Cutlets vs Oneonta's Finest     Dime & Dash  vs Alpha Sig
    2:30pm Squids vs Harden's Beard     Fort Knights vs 3 Musketeers
    3:30pm Jerry Kids vs The Has Beens     Cherry Street Tubbies vs Take A Knee
Sunday 18-Feb 1:30pm Jordan's Diamonds vs 54     The Lonzbros vs Lob City 
    2:30pm Kareem Abdul Jabronies vs Team Popovich      MagicJohnsons vs 5 Guys 
    3:30pm Bucket Gettaz vs Team Sauce      Prestige Worldwide vs At Least We Tried
    4:30pm White Dragons vs Stals     Creamcheese vs Flop City 
Monday 19-Feb 8:30pm George Bush is a Lizard vs Jimmy 3's     The Cougars vs Liz McGrail's Army
    9:30pm Awakened Tribe vs Tom's All-Stars     Blue vs D-Port / L-Town
    10:30pm FC Reptar vs Young Eats     Team Swoosh vs Re2p3ct
Playoffs Begin