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Arena Football & Ultimate Frisbee

Sign-Ups Underway


Thursday's 3 on 3 Basketball Playoffs

Fort Knights Dine At 5 Guys

The Has Beens In 3 Against Prestige Worldwide

Squids Win Battle Over At Least We Tried

Bucket Gettaz Drops Dime & Dash

Cherry St. Tubbies End Season For Team Popovich

Creamcheese Beat Kareem Abdul Jabronies

3 Musketeers Shave Harden's Beard

54 Has Own Magic For Magic Johnsons


Thursday's Wiffleball Semi Finals

Kool Kate 5, Team Creamcheese 1

Snowblowers 14, The Wiffleballs 3


Assumption of Risk For All Intramural Activities
Participation in intramurals is voluntary. SUNY Oneonta is not liable for injuries suffered by participants. The intramural participant is encouraged to consider his/her activities. Such participation involves physical exertion, fundamental skills for that sport or activity, and may involve physical contact. The participant, being aware of any conditions predisposing him/her to injury or illness, and in consideration of the inherent physical exertion and possible contact involved in intramural participation, may wish to seek the advise of a physician to participation or may choose not to participate at all. All participants are strongly advised to secure health insurance coverage.

Directions to Intramural Fields


Fall 2017
Champions &

Softball Tournament





5 on 5 Basketball

Spring 2018
Champions &

3 on 3 Basketball



Indoor Soccer


Arena Football

Ultimate Frisbee

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