Intramural Program and Campus Recreation

Monday's 3 on 3 Basketball Results

Deez Nuts Slice Cheese & Friends
Chef Donnas Clean Up Soiled Boys
Team Rolston Beat Up Ball Beaters
Team Ror Topples Jillian's Team
7th Floor Crew Wins Battle Over Hustle
Suzy Watches Sean Hannity All-Stars
Prig Daddy's Dime Squad Wins Against Ballers
Cromartie's Children Show Skillz That Killz


Monday's Wiffleball Results

At Least We Tried 14, The Good Noodles 6
The Dutchmen 13, Pable Sanchez Bombers 3
Team Sauce 16,The Has Been's 1
Cromartie's Children / Here For The Dubyah, 3-3


Volleyball & Indoor Soccer Sign-Ups
Wednesday, Feb 10


Assumption of Risk For All Intramural Activities
Participation in intramurals is voluntary. SUNY Oneonta is not liable for injuries suffered by participants. The intramural participant is encouraged to consider his/her activities. Such participation involves physical exertion, fundamental skills for that sport or activity, and may involve physical contact. The participant, being aware of any conditions predisposing him/her to injury or illness, and in consideration of the inherent physical exertion and possible contact involved in intramural participation, may wish to seek the advise of a physician to participation or may choose not to participate at all. All participants are strongly advised to secure health insurance coverage.

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