To submit an OTM, go to: Under "Submit OTMS" in the left hand column, click on either general category or program category, depending on what you are writing about. The next page will say "Please select your University." From the list of schools in the dropdown box, select SUNY Oneonta, then fill out the form.



The 7th of each month

NRHH "Of The Month" (OTM) Award Categories
One of the many services of NACURH, Inc., is the 'Of The Month' award, which is adminitered through the National Residence Hall Honorary. The 'Of The Month' process recognizes outstanding contributions to College and University Residence Halls. OTMs can be recognized at the local, regional, or national level. The following is a list of the OTM Award categories:
  • Advisor Of The Month
  • Community Of The Month
  • Executive Board Member Of The Month
  • Organization Of The Month
  • Program Of The Month
    • Program Of The Month awards are given in the following four categories:
      • Educational
      • Social
      • Community Service
      • Diversity
  • Resident Assistant/Advisor (RA) Of The Month
  • Spotlight Of The Month
  • Student Of The Month
If you are interested in submitting an OTM, please email the VP of Recognition at for specific advice and guidelines for each award category.

NRHH's Quick tips for writing winning nominations

  1. Make sure your nomination is month specific!  It is very important to highlight the outstanding things that the nominee did and how they did it in the month of nomination.  Use phrases like "in the month of ____ they did…"  Keep this in mind throughout the whole OTM nomination.
  2. Presentation is the key!  Proofread the OTM to make sure you are clearly saying what you want to say.  Look out for bad grammar and spelling errors.
  3. Make sure you are using the correct category for your nominee.  This is s common error people make.  To avoid mistakes look at the criteria on the previous pages.
  4. Define acronyms; they are not always universal!  The only acronyms you should use are NRHH, NACURH, RSO/RHA, NCC, and region name (e.g. NACURH).
  5. Use the correct forms!  This means that you should only be using the forms that say "Revised 1999" on the form.  No outdated forms will be accepted and unfortunately these nominations will not be considered.
  6. Type the complete address and name of the nominator and nominee on the form in the space provided.  This is the name that will be printed on the certificate if you win regionally and/or nationally.  Write the address clearly because this is where any and all notification will be sent. Anonymity of the nominator may be maintained by the National Office.
  7. Nominations must not go over the maximum word count limit.  Do not attach any additional information or include information on the back of the form.
  8. Each NACURH affiliated school may submit ONLY one nomination for each category per month.
  9. TYPE, TYPE, TYPE!!! Make those OTMs look great by typing them.  The National Office will not accept them in any other form.
  10. OTM nominations are due to the NRHH Regional Associate Director (RAD) via e-mail or postmarked by the 15th of the month following the month of nomination (a nomination for the month of October must be postmarked to the RAD by November 15th).

Material from The ABCs of NRHH