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Here you can find answers to many of the questions you may have and links to further information. Click on the questions below to link to the answer found lower on the page.

What is not permitted in the residence halls?

Can I bring my own rug?

Do I need curtains?

Can I have a refrigerator or microwave?

Can I bring a television?

What should I bring with me?

What should I leave home?

What if I have Housing and policy questions?

What if I have facilities and services questions?

What if I have questions about Orientation and move-in?




What is not permitted in the residence halls?
There are a number of items that are not allowed in the residence halls. The following is not an exhaustive list of illegal items. Please consult the Student Code of Conduct and the Residence Hall License for further details. Extension cords, air conditioners, pets, cooking appliances (i.e. toasters, hot pots, hot plates, skillets, appliances that use electricity to cook food), candles, firearms, ammunition, martial arts and archery equipment, and halogen lamps are not permitted in residence hall rooms. SUNY Oneonta is a dry campus; therefore, the presence or consumption of drugs and alcohol are not tolerated on campus.

Can I bring my own rug?
Yes, you may use your own rug; rugs are not provided in the residence hall rooms. However, it is important to first measure the floor in the your assigned room to determine an appropriate rug size.

Do I need curtains?
There are blinds covering all windows, but window sizes vary. It is best to measure first before buying curtains or valances for decoration. Curtains must be fire retardant (a certificate of compliance must be filed with your Residence Hall Director at check-in).

Can I have a refrigerator or microwave?
Residence Life and Housing encourages you to buy and bring your own refrigerator and pass it down through the family, or sell it when you are done because it is less expensive. Refrigerators are limited to "counter top height". The cube refrigerators are best; however, if you prefer to rent, please go online to (not affiliated with the College). Microwaves are permitted, as are coffee makers with an automatic shut off. Be sure to communicate with your roommate before you arrive.

Can I bring a television?
Basic cable is available in each bedroom on campus. Students provide personal television sets and cable extensions. The basic cable charge is included in the room rent, and extra cable packages (i.e. HBO) can be contracted individually with the local cable company (Time Warner) at 607-432-0500.

What should I bring with me?


Linens (twin, extra long)


Laundry detergent

Postage stamps

Pens and pencils



Money for textbooks

Clothes for all weather

Surge protector



High school yearbook

Address book

Bathing suit

Desk lamp

Clock radio

Small fans

Personal computer








What should I leave at home?


Toaster/toaster oven

Hot pots/hot plates

Electric skillets

Illegal drugs/paraphernalia

Extension cords

Alcohol paraphernalia

Halogen lamps


Alcoholic beverages




BB guns

Weapons of any kind

Archery equipment


Martial arts weapons


The Office of Residential Community Life
106 Wilsbach Hall
Oneonta, NY 13820
P. 607-436-3182 / 2514 /3725

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