Hair Care in Oneonta



There are some options in places and people who assist in the hair care needs of “Black hair.”  Where the options aren’t as numerous as in Brooklyn or Harlem, NY one can get everything you need in Oneonta.  Some students choose to take care of their hair needs by going home, which can get expensive, and others choose to utilize their fellow students as resources.  See the Multicultural Student Affairs office for a list of student options, though keep in mind that doing so means you assume all of the risks.

Local Professional Services

The following are a list of LOCAL professional services.

Monet Jackson (proprietor)
The Hair Designers
(607) 433-2044
on Chestnut Street

Main Street Cutters
See Alane
(607) 432-8740
(near Mama Nina's)

Razor Sharp
 (Men's Shop and Braiding Services)
on Chestnut Street across from Eckerd's