LEAD Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is LEAD?
    So what is LEAD? Some of you may have heard of this LEAD program but many students haven't heard of it or are confused about it. So let me break it down for you. The idea behind LEAD is to better serve, you, the students. We want to do several things for you:

    -Better prepare you for life after college
    -Provide you with a leadership record that you can submit to potential employers
    -Recognize you for your hard work on this campus
    -Provide a comprehensive picture of leadership and the skills you would need to be a good leaders
    -Streamline the program so that all of you various activities related to leadership are tracked in one location

  • What counts as a Participation credit?
    Involvement in an organization, team, or campus-wide committee. Participation credit does not apply to hourly paid positions or to credit bearing positions. It does apply to SA clubs, honor societies, Greek Life, community groups, athletic teams, and much more. To receive this credit, complete the participation reflection under Curriculum Progress. You may only recieve participation credit once per organization.

  • What counts as an Experiential Leadership credit?
    To receive an Experiential Leadership credit you will need to be on the executive board (or an equivalent position) of an organization for at least one full semester. To receive this credit, your time as an officer must appear on your cocurricular record (i.e. you must have been given that position on Campus Connection) for at least one semester AND you must complete the Experiential Leadership Assessment. You may get up to two credits for any one organization that you have led by serving for a full year (you will only need to complete the assessment once).

  • What's the difference between Participation and Experiential Leadership credits?
    Participation credits and Experiential Leadership credits are not the same. You may receive a Participation credit only for being a member (not on the e-board) of an organization. Experiential Leadership credits are reserved for those who have been on the executive board of an organization. The two credits cannot overlap. This means that if you are on the executive board of the Philosophy Club for the fall 2014 semester you will get an Experiential Leadership credit, but you will not also receive a Participation credit for being a member for the same semester. It is important to understand the difference between the two credits.

  • How do I get a Foundations of Leadership credit?
    To get a Foundations of Leadership credit you must attend, and sign in on the attendance sheet, a program on campus which is offering a Foundations of Leadership credit . There are not a lot of programs yearly that offer Foundations of Leadership as a credit. However, the following is a list of annual programs that may offer a Foundations of Leadership credit: iROAR, Emerging Leaders, RA Training. Juniors and Seniors also have the option of taking an online Foundations of Leadership course. If interested in doing this, please contact us.

  • Do I need to sign up on Campus Connection in order to get LEAD credit for programs that I attend?
    It is strongly preferred that you do, indeed, RSVP for events on Campus Connection in order to get credit for attending but, if you haven't, just make sure that attendance is taken and that you legibly write down your SUNY ONEONTA email address on the attendance sheet.

  • What is the point of joining LEAD?
    Joining LEAD is important because it tells us that you want us to follow up with you on your standing in the program and be notified of significant leadership events.

  • Why do I keep getting e-mails from the LEAD office?
    If you are receiving e-mails from the LEAD office this means that you are part of our database and that at some point you registered for LEAD by joining the LEAD page on Campus Connection.

  • I am not receiving e-mails from LEAD and would like to.
    The easiest way to let us know that you are interested in the LEAD program and would like to receive our e-mails is to go to the LEAD program page on Campus Connection and click "Join Organization".

  • How do I find out my progress in the LEAD program?
    There are two ways to check your progress in the LEAD program as listed below.
    • Option 1: Do It Yourself::
      Log in to Campus Connection. The information under "Curriculum Progress" is your progress in the LEAD program. If an item is in green, you have completed that item. If an item is in blue or red, you need to still complete that requirement. Once you have meet all of the requirements for a level, a green check mark will appear next to that level.
    • Option 2: Get Help:
      Contact the LEAD Office at LEAD@oneonta.edu or 607-436-3213.  Someone will be able to track your progress within a few business days.  During busy times of the semester, please just be patient.  Someone will return your email/call as soon as possible.
  • How do I fill LEAD credits?
    There are several different kinds of LEAD credits: Leadership Outcomes (LO's), Competency credits (Foundations of Leadership, Personal Development, Organizational Development), Participation credits, Experiential Leadership credits, and the Capstone Experience credit. Each of these credits can be filled differently.

    -Leadership Outcome and Competency credits- you can fill these credits by attending programs on campus that offer these LEAD credits.
    -Participation credits- see answer to question 2.
    -Experiential Leadership credits- see answer to question 3.
    -Capstone Experience credit- this credit can only be filled by attending the Capstone Experience program offered once a year on campus in the spring.

  • How can I make an appointment to meet with someone from the LEAD office?
    To make an appointment you may e-mail us at lead@oneonta.edu. Someone will be in touch to schedule a meeting with you.

  • I am hosting a program and would like for it to receive LEAD credit. How can I make that happen?
    This information is on the Program Credit page.

  • There was no sign up sheet or ID reader at a program I attended. Does this mean that program didn't get LEAD credit?
    This may mean that 1) the program did not receive credit , 2) the presenter forgot to take attendance or 3) the attendance sheet or ID reader was not placed in a central location at the event and therefore you did not see it. If you have any questions or concerns about receiving LEAD credit in this case please e-mail us at LEAD@oneonta.edu.

  • Where can I find a list of upcoming programs that offer LEAD credit?
    For a list of upcoming LEAD programs, click here, then click on categories (on the left hand side under the calendar) and click on LEAD program. You will need to log in to see all possible programs as some are not open to the public.
    You may check the past event events box to see a partial listing of past events. This listing should be complete by the end of the semester.
    You can also look under "Fulfillment Options" on your "Curriculum Progress" to see what upcoming events have the credits you need.

    If you have a question that has not been answered above please e-mail us at lead@oneonta.edu