LEAD Downloads



Items for Participants

  1. Tracking Check-Off List - A pdf of the LEAD Level Requirements (updated August 2014). This is for students' personal use. All credits must be reflected on Campus Connection under Curriculum Progress to count towards level completion.
  2. LEAD Appeal Document

Items for Presenters/Program Organizers

  1. Attendance Sheets (Note - The Hunt College Union does not accept attendance sheets. Please follow the instructions on the Program Credit page to upload your attendance to Campus Connection OR reserve an ID reader in advance of the event.)
  2. LEAD Logos For Programs/Flyers: (click on the appropriate link below)
    Core Competencies

    - Foundations of Leadership
    - Personal Development
    - Organizational Development

    LEADership Outcomes

    - Balancing Independence & Collaboration
    - Career Path
    - Critical Thinking
    - Effective Communication
    - Healthy Behavior
    - Leadership Development
    - Meaningful Interpersonal Relationships
    - Media Literacy
    - Personal Competency/Confidence
    - Personal/Educational Goals
    - Satisfying and Productive Lifestyle
    - Social Responsibility
    - Spiritual Awareness
    - Values and Ethics

    Other Requirements

    - Diversity Programs
    - Various Credits Offered
    - Plain LEAD Logo

Not sure what credit to offer at your program? Click here for the list of descriptions for each credit available.