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Student Leader Spotlight

Nominate a student who has gone above and beyond in service and leadership to his/her respective organization and/or the SUNY Oneonta community.  Students, faculty, and staff are eligible to nominate students.  Self-nominations are also accepted.

Student Leader Spotlights recognize student leaders for their great contributions to the SUNY Oneonta campus.  After being notified of the honor by the Coordinator of Leadership Programs, the recipients are featured right here on the LEAD website and presented with a certificate of recognition.  Winners of this recognition will be chosen once per semester (around December 1 and May 1). Nominations will be collected on a rolling basis, so nominate someone today!

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The Fall 2015 Student Leader Spotlight Winners Were...

James Dipaoli

Organizations/Campus Involvements: Alpha Sigma Phi, Inter-Greek Council, Criminal Justice Club

Year: Junior

Major: Criminal Justice major, Spanish minor

What have you learned by being a student leader? If there is one thing I've learned from being a student leader it's that it is important; if not necessary, to assist anyone with anything if you have the capability to do so.  Helping others is the greatest gift any individual can give and should never be underestimated.

What advice do you have for other student leaders? My advice to other current student leaders and prospective leaders is to remember that you can make a difference with the things you do on this campus.  Far too many people do not recognize the power they have to influence this world in a positive way. To do just that in this community provides such an enriching feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride not only for yourself and your personal achievements, but of your organization and the members in it whom have helped and influenced you to make the positive changes we want to see in the world.


Jamie Wiener

Organizations/Campus Involvements: I am involved in the service fraternity on campus known as Alpha Phi Omega that promotes leadership service friendship. I also like to volunteer at the CANO art gallery off campus to help my relationship with the Oneonta community. I am also working as a intern at the Office of International Education to help advise students about their study abroad opportunities.

Year: Junior

Major:Mass Communications major with a Women's and Gender Studies minor

What have you learned by being a student leader?I have learned to not be afraid to ask questions if you don't understand how to do something. It does not make you stupid or weak for not knowing something! 

What advice do you have for other student leaders? My advice is to practice your communication skills! It is so important to be able to talk effectively to the people you are leading. You have to be able to confident initiate a call to action if you want support in whatever you want accomplished, whether that is a small task or a big goal!


Daija Russell

Organizations/Campus Involvements: Student Association Senate, Student Association Activities Council (Late Night Chair), Resident Advisor of Hays Hall, Orientation Leader, Multicultural Recruitment Caller, Vice President of the Poetry Slam Association, and Member of the Oneonta Poetry Slam Team 2016

Year: Senior

Major: Communication Studies

What have you learned by being a student leader?As a student leader I have learned that no matter how hard life may seem, do not give up because there is always someone in the background looking up to you. You never know how much of an inspiration/motivation you are to someone else, so keep pushing and finish the race. 

What advice do you have for other student leaders? It is very important as a student leader to stand up for what you believe in and never back down. You must educate yourself first and proceed with knowledge and professionalism. Malcolm X said it best, "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything".