Selling, Fundraising & Commercial Activity


- From the Student Handbook

"Revenue-generating activities by outside interests are strictly prohibited under the guidelines for commercial activities established by the College. As per the fund-raising application, commercial vendors offering services or selling products should donate a percentage of  funds (10% to 20%) to the sponsoring student group.   Under certain conditions, recognized student groups may sell commercial items, conduct fund-raising activities, and sponsor services in return for funds. All revenue that is generated must be used for the betterment of the student group’s program; no individual may personally gain from the fund-raising activities. No fund-raising activities are permitted on a door-to-door basis in College residence halls or other buildings.   Credit card solicitation is prohibited as a fund-raising activity. Because the College does not currently hold a license, fund-raising through raffles, lotteries, and bingo (e.g., games of chance) is prohibited for student groups."

  • To apply to fundraise, you must post your event on Campus Connection and complete the fundraising section. If this is a class-related or other project which does not have a Campus Connection page, please email Bill Harcleroad asking to be added to a temporary group.
  • On Campus refers to fundraising which will occur on campus. There are 3 versions; one for all Student Association Clubs, Recognized Greek Organizations, and Other which refers to organizations who are not recognized by the Student Association or Greek Life, but are recognized by the college, or in certain cases special class or departmental projects. This must be completed at least 7 days before the activity takes place in order for it to be authorized.
  • Off Campus refers to fundraising which occurs off campus. An off campus contract for these events is to be signed by the organization sponsor and the off campus vendor as a means protect clubs from liability. The off campus contract and application to fundraise must be completed and signed by all parties at least 7 days before the activity takes place in order for it to be authorized. Your posting to Campus Connection will not be approved until this form is turned in to the Hunt College Union office.
  • All fundraising activities in college facilities or outdoor venues require an
    approved reservation.
    All requests to use the Quad or Presidents Garden now must
    be filed
    online. For information on available college facilities and to make requests for space please go to


The Steps:

  1. a. on-campus - Secure your space by making a space reservation. Please note your reservation ID number.
    b. off-campus - Complete off-campus contract and bring to Hunt College Union Office (220 Hunt Union)
  2. Post your event to Campus Connection. When asked about fundraising, choose the appropriate option.