IGC Executive Board


The Inter-Greek Council is the governing body of all recognized fraternities and sororities at SUNY Oneonta. IGC is advised by Angie Eichler. The E-Board is a group of Greek students elected by their peers to make sure that the Greek community remains a strong student group on campus.

IGC EBOARD 2016-2017

President: Jessie Dominianni

Major: Business Economics
Hometown: New City, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority
Goals for Position: Improve Communications within Greek Life, promote Greek Unity, and have an overall fun and successful year for Greek Life!
Email: domijn76@suny.oneonta.edu

Vice-President: James Dipaoli

Major: Criminal Justice, Spanish minor
Hometown: Franklin Square, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity
Goals for Position: Improve the image that people on campus and in the community have on Greek Life.
Email: dipajd69@suny.oneonta.edu

Treasurer: Jesika Lento

Major: Child and Family Studies
Hometown: Medford, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Phi Sigma Sigmai sorority
Goals for Position: To promote Greek Unity and Involvement.
Email: lentjl41@suny.oneonta.edu

Secretary: Grace Solomita

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Port Washington, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Sigma Delta Tau sorority
Goals for Position: To improve communication among the Greek community and SUNY Oneonta as a whole.
Email: sologc41@suny.oneonta.edu

Community Service and New Member Chair: Alyssa Cohen

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Ardsley, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Pi Delta Chi sorority
Goals for Position: To get everyone in Greek Life more involved in the community.
Email: cohear39@oneonta.edu

Scholarship Colette Passafiume

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Warwirck, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sororoity
Goals for Position: Encourage students to strive for success and always be looking for knowledge!
Email: passcm87@suny.oneonta.edu

Fraternity Recruitment and Public Relations: James Kavanaugh

Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Northport, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Zeta Beta Tau fraternity
Goals for Position: To grow Greek Life exponentially.
Email: kavaj25@suny.oneonta.edu

Sorority Recruitment and Public Relations: Jenn Miles

Major: Fashion Merchandising
Hometown: Merrick, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority
Goals for Position: To help every potential member find the orgnaizaiton she/he fits best in, and to help all students at SUNY Oneonta view Greek Life in a positive light.
Email: milej55@suny.oneonta.edu

IGC Risk Management Chair: Jordyn Cohen

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority
Goals for Position: To educate futrure and current Greeks on Risk Managemetn in a fun manner.
Email: cohejl13@suny.oneonta.edu

Multicultural: Maria Fuentes

Major: Sociology
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Lambda Theta Alpha sorority inc.
Goals for Position: My goal is to unify all Greek Life as well as keep Greek life in a positive light on campus.
Email: fuenmp86@oneonta.edu