Greek Life Advisor


The roles of the Greek Life advisor are numerous. One role is to serve as a liaison between the Greek organizations belonging to the Inter-Greek Council and Campus administration.

The SUNY Oneonta Greek Life Advisor is Angie Eichler. Angie began working at the College at Oneonta in 1999 in the Career Development Center.

In 2000 she started her current job as the Associate Director of Campus Life. Angie oversees the Greek Life program and coordinates leadership programs on campus. Angie received her bachelor's degree in Sociology from Eastern Illinois University; in 2001 she received her master's degree in Higher Education Administration from Binghamton University.

Angie lives in Oneonta with her husband Graig and two children, Brock and Ava. You can contact Angie at 607-436-3591 or at

Chapter Faculty Advisors

The roles of the Faculty Advisor is one that is extremely important to all the fraternities and sororities on campus. The faculty advisor serves as a liaison between the members of an organization and the members of the faculty and administration for the college. They also promote academic excellence and community service.

The faculty advisors here at SUNY Oneonta are full-time professional staff. They come from a variety of departments on campus. We have faculty advisors that work in Admissions, EOP, Residence Life, and a variety of Academic Departments.

Chapter Faculty Advisor Resources

Chapter Advisor Information Packet

Please contact Angie Eichler for more resources needed to learn your advising responsibilities.



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