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Welcome to SUNY Oneonta Recognized Greek Life! SUNY Oneonta fully recognizes eight sororities and eight fraternities.

Whether you are a student, parent, or if you are already a member of a greek organization here on campus, there is something for you!

All recognized Greek Letter Organizations are required by the College to abide by the Code of Rights and Responsibilities for Greek Social Letter Organizations. All of these organizations are supported by the Inter-Greek Council.

The Inter-Greek Council is run by an elected board of students as well as one representative from each on-campus group. All recognized fraternities and sororities have at least one faculty advisor.

Click here to RSVP for the Greek Awards Reception to be held on Wednesday, April 27at 7pm in the Ballroom

Click here to apply to be a fall 2016 Greek Intern. Applications are due on Wed. May 4.

Click here to complete the Spring Chapter Report due Wed. May 4.

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The following unrecognized groups are working with the College to gain campus recognition: Alpha Kappa Phi sorority, Beta Chi Fraternity and Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

The following groups have interim College recognition: Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Inc. and Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Congratulations to James Dipaoli from Alpha Sigma Phi and Kelly McGrath of Sigma Delta Tau for being chosen as March Greek of the Month award winners!


SUNY Oneonta Anti-Hazing Policy

Hazing is a major concern of the Inter-Greek Council. Any activity an individual may determine as hazing can be reported by anyone. Situations involving hazing may be reported to the Office of Campus Life,
Hunt College Union via our confidential Hazing Hotline.
Phone: (607) 436-2410, Option #2
If you are a parent, please visit the "Parents FAQ" for more information regarding this issue.

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