Posting Events on Campus Connection

In order to create an event on Campus Connection, you must have authorization to post on behalf of your organization.
  • If you’re an SA-funded organization, or a Greek organization, you should already have a page.
  • If you’re a college department, you can use the SUNY Oneonta Campus Connection page (email bill harcleroad for access)
  • If you need to post on behalf of an organization that doesn’t fit the above-categories, please email bill harcleroad to request access to a Campus Connection page designed for short-term usage.

To create an event:

  • Go to and click “Sign In” on the upper right hand corner (or right in the middle of the cover photo)
  • Enter your SUNY Oneonta username and password to log in.
  • Once logged in, navigate to your organization’s page. There are several ways to do this but the one that will work for everyone is to click the drop down arrow by your name (upper right hand corner) and click "Involvement." All of your memberships should appear there and you use the drop down arrow and then click on "Organization Site"
  • Click the “Events” tab on the LIGHT GREY BAR UNDER the group's cover photo
  • Click the blue “Create Event” button (if you don't see this, you haven't been granted access)
  • Fill in all necessary information
    • Event Title
    • Theme
    • Description – the more detailed the better!
    • Start/End Times and Location (if an extended period of time you can add each day separately without having to submit multiple forms)
    • Show to:
      • Anyone in the world – anybody can see it whether or not they are logged in
      • Students and Staff at Oneonta – only people who are logged in can see this type of event
      • Organization Members – Will only show up to members of your organization - Is NOT included in the weekly broadcast
      • People invited bya host – Will only show up to those members of your organization who you invited - Is NOT included in the weekly broadcast
    • Event Categories (select all that apply)
    • Set Who Can RSVP
    • Select Perks (free food, free stuff, free credit) - in this case credit refers to LEAD credit.
    • Upload a Flier (optional but recommended)
    • Wilsbach/Fine Arts Signs
      • If you would like to have a message posted on the Wilsbach or Fine Arts electronic signs, enter it here and it will be considered (if submitted 10 days in advance)
    • Reservation Information from the buidling adminsitrator/reservationist - basically proof that you have reserved the space
  • Hit the Next button
  • Upload a Cover Photo (optional but recommended)
  • Specify whether your event is a fundraiser, you would like to offer LEAD credit, or involves copyrighted works (details below)
  • Be sure to hit Submit on the last page in order for your event to go through!
  • After submitted, the event will go to the correct governing body for approval.
  • Once approved, you will be emailed.

Other Features of Campus Connection:

  • Fundraising Forms – If your organization is holding a fundraiser (any event where you will be collecting money), you need to fill out a form with the college. Fortunately, this form is now built in to campus connection. If you specify that your event is a fundraiser, Campus Connection will ask you several follow-up questions about the fundraiser specifically.
  • LEAD Credit – The LEAD program is a comprehensive leadership program at Oneonta designed to provide students with extra-curricular educational leadership programs to prepare them for life after college. If your event is educational in any way, it may qualify for LEAD credit! Look through the LEAD Leadership Outcomes to see if any relate to your event. If so, apply for LEAD credit and it may attract additional students to your event! To qualify, you must have a faculty or staff member assisting you in planning the educational portion of the event.
  • Copyrighted Material - If you are showing a movie or TV show you must state that you have procured the public performance rights or have a faculty member who is making it an educational event.