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Weekly Broadcast for
7 April 2014

Spotlight Program

Spotlight Program

Red Dragon Theatre


April is:

  • African-American Women's Fitness Month
  • Alcohol Awareness Month
  • Cancer Control Month
  • Car Care Months
  • Card and Letter Writing Month
  • Child Abuse Prevention Month
  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • Customer Loyalty Month
  • Decorating Month
  • Donate Life Month
  • Emotional Overeating Awareness Month
  • Grange Month
  • Holy Humor Month
  • Humor Month
  • Informed Woman Month
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • Kite Month
  • Knuckles Down Month
  • Landscape Architecture Month
  • Month of the Young Child
  • Occupational Therapy Month
  • Pecan Month
  • Pet First Aid Awareness Month
  • Pharmacists War on Diabetes
  • Physical Wellness Month
  • Poetry Month
  • Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month
  • Rosacea Awareness Month
  • School Library Media Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Education and Awareness Month
  • Soyfoods Month
  • Straw Hat Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • Twit Award Month
  • Women's Eye Health and Safety Month
  • Workplace Conflict Awareness Month
  • World Habitat Awareness Month
  • Youth Sports Safety Month


Ongoing/Of Note

Love Your Body Week

CADE Tutors

Unity Week

TipApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.  Visit the Counseling Center webpage to learn how to do your part in stopping interpersonal violence and what to do if you’ve been a victim.


  • First American abolition society founded in Philadelphia, 1775
  • John Wilkes Booth shoots Abraham Lincoln, 1865
  • RMS Titanic hits iceberg, 1912
  • Katharine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand tie for Best Actress Oscar, 1969
  • Webster's American Dictionary of the English Language is printed, 1818
  • Country legend Loretta Lynn is born in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, 1935
  • Montreal Canadiens win fifth consecutive Stanley Cup, 1960




  • 8:00 AM Love Your Body Week: Operation Beautiful Post-its, SUNY Oneonta Campus - Look for packets in residence halls throughout the SUNY Oneonta campus for informational sheets on body positive tips and ideas, as well as Operation Beautiful post-its. Take a pad of post-its and put body positive affirmations or messages on post-its and place them around campus to be part of a movement where even simple words can help us all love our bodies (inside and out)!
  • 11 AM pizza with a twist, netzer quad - pizza with a twist is a fundraiser where we sell pizza from tinos but there is a catch! to lower the price for a slice of pizza is to do the twist part; which is doing one of our activites that gives someone the chance to experience having a disability.
  • 5 PM New Music Focus Week: Workshop Intensive, M201 Fine Arts Building
  • Gilbert
  • 7 PM A Cruise Through The Stars! Planetarium- Science 1 Room 19 - Come join us for an exciting trip through the cosmos in our campus planetarium! Tickets are free and will be available during various tabling times in Wilsbach as well as the day of the show at the theater. Tickets are distributed on a first come, first served basis and seating is limited. We will also be raffling off a $20 Dragon Dollars gift card! So come have some fun and win some stuff!
  • Talent
  • LEAD Credit8 PM Pronouns Matter, IRC 9 - Imagine you're walking down the street and someone calls out to you, but says the wrong name. You feel self-conscious, confused, and awkward. This is the same feeling when someone refers to you using the wrong pronoun. Come learn about pronoun usage and have a little LGBTQ* 101. LEAD: Social Responsibility
  • Adam


  • Congress ratifies peace with Great Britain, 1783
  • President Lincoln dies, 1865
  • Fidel Castro visits the United States, 1959
  • "Unsinkable" Titanic sinks, 1912
  • Pol Pot dies, 1998
  • Three people killed, hundreds injured in Boston Marathon bombing, 2013
  • Greta Garbo dies, 1990
  • English author and politician Jeffrey Archer is born, 1940
  • Bessie Smith is born in Chattanooga, Tennessee, 1894
  • Jackie Robinson breaks major league color barrier, 1947
  • Soviets capture Tarnopol in Poland, 1944



















  • 8 AM DegreeWorks: the Arrow Sheet replacement starting Fall 2014! Milne Library room 108
  • LEAD Credit6 PM Bye Bye Biphobia, Butternut Valley, Hunt Union - Biphobia is more common than you think! It also doesn't just apply to individuals who identify as bisexual. In this presentation we will bediscussing what biphobia is, where and how it's occurring, and what wecan do about it. With this we will focus on famous cases in the mediaand discuss our opinions of them. LEAD: Values & Ethics
  • 6:30 PM Love Your Body Week: Energy Healing & Self-Talk Workshop, Susquehanna Room, Hunt Union
  • LEAD Credit7 PM Crafting for the Not-So-Crafty, Union Square - The RA and ATM jobs can include a lot of crafting: Bulletin boards, programming, door decorations, etc. This program will show you how to make creative and high quality crafts without having to be the most “crafty” ResLifer. Tips and Tricks Galore! This in-service will also include a hands on section so be ready to craft! LEAD: Personal Development
  • Cards
  • Music
  • 9 PM Team Trivia, Living Room - Form a team as small or large as you'd like (remember that there is only a team prize - no individual prizes). Sign up your team with the moderator. The game is played in 5 rounds with the challenge level increasing at each round and music played between each song (when the song ends, your answer must be in). Team with the highest number of points wins a $25 Starbucks Gift Card.




  • Bernard Baruch coins the term "Cold War", 1947
  • Massacre at Virginia Tech leaves 32 dead, 2007
  • Fertilizer explosion kills 581 in Texas, 1947
  • Apollo 16 departs for moon, 1972
  • Charlie Chaplin born, 1889
  • Kingsley Amis is born, 1922
  • David Soul, of Starsky & Hutch, has the #1 song on the U.S. pop charts, 1977
  • Washington leaves Mt. Vernon for his inauguration, 1789
  • United States resumes bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong, 1972
  • Lenin returns to Russia from exile, 1917





  • Ford Mustang debuts at World's Fair, 1964
  • Battle of Plymouth, North Carolina, begins, 1864
  • The Bay of Pigs invasion begins, 1961
  • Volcanic eruption kills 80,000, 1815
  • Benjamin Franklin dies, 1790
  • Architect of Czechoslovakia's Prague Spring resigns, 1969
  • General Hospital airs 10,000th episode, 2002
  • Isak Dinesen is born, 1885
  • Eddie Cochran dies, and Gene Vincent is injured, in a UK car accident, 1960
  • First antiwar protest of the year is conducted, 1972
  • Cambodia falls to the Khmer Rouge, 1975
  • Second Battle of Gaza, 1917
  • The Yugoslav army surrenders, 1941
















  • Senator Elections, Campus Connection - It's that time of year! Get your petitions at the SA office in the lower level of Hunt Union... These elections for the 2014-2015 school year. You've got nothing to lose- and everything to gain! Do it!
  • 11 AM Fish Pong, Schumacher Quad - Sigma Delta Tau is hosting their annual Fish Pong fundraiser! $3 to play $2 for a fish bowl $1 for fish food
  • 4 PM Men's Tennis vs Hamilton
  • 4 PM Open Forum on Campus Climate, Craven Lounge, Morris Conference Center - University Police Chief Dan Chambers and members of the college's Bias Acts Response Team will join Dr. Steve Perry in the Craven Lounge at the Morris Conference Center. We will share the University Police Department's general order on Preventing Biased Profiling and the Perception of Biased Policing, discuss how to report violations of this policy and other bias acts, and hear other related concerns from members of the campus community.
  • 4 PM SGE Olympics, Chase Gym - This free event is open to the entire SUNY Oneonta community, and everyone is encouraged to attend and participate. The SGE Olympics will consist of games such as Basketball Tournaments, Relay Races, Water Pong, Double Duch, and Hoola Hooping. Prizes will be awarded to winners, snacks will be provided, and the club will be accepting clothing donations for people in need. 
  • 6 PM Love Your Body Week: Body Image Workshop Glimmerglass Room, Hunt Union
  • Waters
  • LEAD Credit7 PM The Country of Poverty and Dictatorship: North Korea and Human Right, Higgins Hall-Main Lobby - Through activities and discussion, potential leaders will gain valuable knowledge regarding the human right violations within North Korea and around the world. The objective of this presentation is to give the attendees the necessary tools to combat human right violations, and to empower them through explaining the significance of being a rights-holder and a duty-bearer. LEAD: Social Responsibility
  • 7 PM Cynthia Falk to Deliver Annual Susan Sutton Smith Lecture Craven Lounge, Morris Conference Center - Dr. E. Maria Thompson, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, is pleased to announce that Dr. Cynthia Falk, Cooperstown Graduate Program, will deliver this year's Susan Smith Lecture titled "Barns of New York." A hearty hors d'oeuvre reception will follow the lecture. Created to recognize faculty achievement outside the classroom, the Susan Sutton Smith Faculty Prize for Academic Excellence is named in memory of the late SUNY Oneonta professor of English. Dr. Falk is the twentieth recipient of this prize.  This event and the student awards presented are made possible by the generous gifts of SUNY Oneonta Alumni to the 2013-2014 Fund for Oneonta.  The Susan Sutton Smith Faculty Prize for Academic Excellence is made possible by an endowment created through the generosity of Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Smith in memory of their daughter, Susan, and in honor of her commitment to academic excellence.  The lecture is free and open to the public.
  • LEAD Credit7 PM Gender and Sexuality in Yoga, Leatherstocking Room at Hunt Union - Yoga is a releasing experience for everyone. Its not only for women anymore but men do it too. The LGBT community has joined the bandwagon to explore their sexuality in more ways than one. Join Jeff wood as he explores yoga, gender and sexuality. LEAD: Satisfying & Productive Lifestyle
  • 7 PM Maundy Thursday Service, First United Methodist Church of Oneonta (66 Chestnut Street)
  • 7:30 PM New Music Focus Week: Faculty and Student Showcase M201Fine Arts Building


  • Revere and Dawes warn of British attack, 1775
  • Confederates inflict pain at Battle of Poison Spring, 1864
  • Chinese students protest against government, 1989
  • Luther defiant at Diet of Worms, 1521
  • Suicide bomber destroys U.S. embassy in Beirut, 1983
  • Dick Clark, host of "American Bandstand" and "New Year's Rockin' Eve," dies, 2012
  • Federal court decides to release Ezra Pound, 1958
  • San Francisco earthquake, 1906
  • JFK denies U.S. military intervention in Cuba,










  • LEAD Credit8 AM DegreeWorks: the Arrow Sheet replacement starting Fall 2014! Milne Library room 305 - Sessions will be offered throughout the semester to give an introduction to DW and how to use it. See the events calendar for more details and be sure to attend one of these sessions.Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to Academic Advisement in room 100 Netzer. Help us help you to make sure your document is working properly as you work towards graduation! LEAD: Personal/Educational Goals
  • 12 PM Love Your Body Week: Ladypops and T-Shirt Sale, Mills Lobby - The Gender Equality and Rights Society (G.E.a.R.S.) will be selling our infamous lady pops in honor of the club's Love Your Body Week! The lollipops, which are hand-made by GEARS members and labeled with body facts, are only one dollar. Stop by and buy one (and of course some for your friends), and remember to be thankful for your beautiful body and all that it does for you! GEARS will be donating half our profits to the Women's Funding Network. Women's Funding Network is about... empower[ing] women and girls worldwide .... Women's funds tackle our greatest global challenges: economic security, access to healthcare and education, family and community violence, sex trafficking and human rights violations. ... investment helps Women's Funding Network empower [their] members to find the most strategic women-led solutions to these challenges.
  • 12 PM Good Friday Service, First United Methodist Church of Oneonta (66 Chestnut Street)
  • 3 PM Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics Seminar: POJOS, POGOS, and beans: Making a really cheap quantum graph, Morris Conference Center 104 -  Kevin Schultz, Physics, Hartwick College
  • 3 PM Baseball vs Cortland
  • 4:30 PM Zumba/Body Conditioning with Pi Delta Chi, Alumni Dance Studio - The BEfit Club and the Pi Delta Chi sorority would like to team up together in order to provide camps students with a free of charge zumba and body conditioning event. The purpose of this event is to promote fitness and the cooperation between SA clubs and Greek Life on campus. Our club will provide a Zumba Certified instructor as well as a general fitness class held by our ACE certified Training dierctors. Volunteers through the club can receive participation points towards receiving or reamining as an active member with their trainer. The alumni dance studio has already been confirmed available in the requested time.
  • 5 PM Love Your Body Week: Indulgence Party, Union Square, Hunt Union
  • 6:30 PM I, Frankenstein, Red Dragon Theatre - Frankenstein's creature finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans. FREE with valid SUNY Oneonta ID, $3 for all others.
  • MIC
  • LEAD Credit7 PM Leadership According to Kesha, Union Square - Using Kesha lyrics, students will be introduced to key leadership skills like time management, confidence, balance, stress, mentorship, presentations, marketing events, budgeting, multigenerational leadership, feedback, followership, being true to yourself and your organization, and learning how to say no. LEAD: Leadership Development
  • 7 PM Good Friday Service, First United Methodist Church of Oneonta (66 Chestnut Street)
  • 9 PM Late Night Bingo, International Lounge - BINGO at night - no money - just BINGO, food, and prizes
  • 9 PM I, Frankenstein, Red Dragon Theatre


  • The American Revolution begins, 1775
  • Mario Andretti competes in first Indy car event, 1964
  • Baltimoreans attack Union troops, 1861
  • Soviet clowns lampoon U.S. foreign policy, 1949
  • Central Park jogger attack shocks New York City, 1989
  • Earthquake rocks Guatemala, 1902
  • First blood in the Civil War, 1861
  • Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins, 1943
  • Branch Davidian compound burns, 1993
  • Truck bomb explodes in Oklahoma City, 1995
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding released, 2002
  • Lord Byron dies in Greece, 1824
  • The Captain and Tennille bring wedded bliss to the pop charts with their first hit record, 1975
  • Wyatt Earp dropped from Wichita police force, 1876
  • Jefferson sells servant to Madison, 1809
  • First Boston Marathon run, 1897
  • Air Force pilot cited for bravery, 1967
  • Vietnam Veterans Against the War demonstrate, 1971
  • Discussion of Italian claims begins at Paris peace conference, 1919
  • Warsaw ghetto uprising put down, 1943





















  • Con
  • 9:30 AM Ride-A-Thon, Hartwick/JobCorps Trails - Members of the SUNY Oneonta Mountain Biking Club will participate in a group ride to raise money for the club's X-account. Sponsors will donate a dollar amount for every mile ridden. The ride will take place on the mountian biking trails around Oneonta, NY, and will be tracked using the Strava app. 
  • New Critics
  • ChiPhi
  • 12 PM Baseball Double Header vs Cortland
  • 3:45 PM Rock to Cure's Semester Show, Fine Arts, M201 - Rock to Cure will be holding their semester show! We will Front Porch Step performing, as well as the local bands The Longest Monday, Bray, Naughty and Chris Sauers. Tickets purchased in advanced will be $3, and $5 at the door. All proceeds will be donated to a local cancer charity.
  • LEAD Credit5 PM Oxfam America Hunger Banquet, Center for Multicultural Experience - This event will be hosted by the Resident Student Organization and the Department of Residential Community Life to bring awareness to the SUNY Oneonta campus about hunger around the world. More details to come.SPACE IS LIMITED. YOU MUST SERVE A SPACE BY EMAIL LEAD: Diversity Program & Social Responsibility
  • 6:30 & 9 PM I, Frankenstein, Red Dragon Theatre


  • New York adopts state constitution, 1777
  • Danica Patrick becomes first woman to win Indy race, 2008
  • Lee resigns from U.S. Army, 1861
  • A massacre at Columbine High School, 1999
  • Massive oil spill begins in Gulf of Mexico, 2010
  • Siege of Londonderry begins, 1689
  • Ku Klux Act passed by Congress, 1871
  • Curies isolate radium, 1902
  • New sound process for films announced, 1926
  • First detective story is published, 1841
  • MUSIC "Mambo King" Tito Puente is born, 1923
  • McKinley asks for declaration of war with Spain, 1898
  • Jordan scores 63 points in playoff game, 1986
  • 7 AM Broadway Trip: Aladdin, Broadway - The beloved story of Aladdin is brought to thrilling theatrical life in this bold new musical. With just one rub of a magic lamp, Aladdin's journey sweeps you into an exotic world full of daring adventure, classic comedy and timeless romance. It's an unforgettable experience that includes all the cherished songs from the Academy Award winning score and more written especially for Broadway. Tickets will be $70 which includes show ticket and round-trip transportation and will be sold starting on 2/3.
  • 8:30 AM Easter Sunday Service, First United Methodist Church of Oneonta (66 Chestnut Street) - 8:30 am worship 9:30 am Easter Brunch (by donation) 10 am Children's activities 11 am Easter Resurrection Service-brass quartet, choir, Holy Communion
  • 12 PM The Amazing Diversity Race, CME/ Lee Hall
  • Frankenstein
    1, 6:30 & 9 PM Red Dragon Theatre
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