Advertising Your Event


Below are resources that you may use to advertise your upcoming events.

Please plan ahead to get the maximum publicity for your event.

Please do NOT publicize your event until your location reservation has been confirmed.

Campus Connection gets you the most publicity for your time.

In addition to appearing on Campus Connection, events posted (as public or campus only) and approved on time will also appear:

In order to create an event on Campus Connection, you must have authorization to post on behalf of your organization.

  • If you’re an SA-funded organization, or a Greek organization, you should already have a page.
  • If you’re a college department, you can use the generic SUNY Oneonta Campus Connection page (email bill harcleroad for access)
  • If you need to post on behalf of an organization that doesn’t fit the above-categories, please email bill harcleroad to request access to a Campus Connection page designed for short-term usage.

To create an event:

  • Go to and click “Log In” on the upper right hand corner.
  • Enter your username and password to log in.
  • Once logged in, navigate to your organization’s page via the “My Shortcuts” menu or the Organizations list.
  • Click the “Events” tab on the left hand menu bar.
  • Click the “Create Event” button at the top of the page (if you don't see this, you haven't been granted access - your organization president has the authority to grant you access but may not know how - just ask)
  • Fill in all necessary information
    • Event Name
    • Location
    • Description – the more detailed the better!
    • Start/End Times (add additional dates/times/locations as necessary)
    • Upload a Flier (optional but recommended)
    • Type
      • Public – Will be advertised in campus broadcast and on flier board to all
      • Campus Only – Will be advertised in campus broadcast and on flier board to campus connection members
      • Organization Only – Will only show up to members of your organization
      • Invite Only – Will only show up to those members of your organization who you invited
    • Category (select all that apply)
    • Wilsbach/Fine Arts Signs
      • If you would like to have a message posted on the Wilsbach or Fine Arts electronic signs, enter it here and it will be considered (if submitted 10 days in advance)
  • Hit the Next button
  • Specify whether your event is a fundraiser, and whether or not you would like to offer LEAD credit (details below)
  • Be sure to hit Submit on the last page in order for your event to go through!
  • After submitted, the event will go to the correct governing body for approval.
  • Once approved, you will be emailed.

Other Features of Campus Connection:

  • Fundraising Forms – If your organization is holding a fundraiser (any event where you will be collecting money), you need to fill out a form with the college. Fortunately, this form is now built in to campus connection. If you specify that your event is a fundraiser, Campus Connection will ask you several follow-up questions about the fundraiser specifically.
  • LEAD Credit – The LEAD program is a comprehensive leadership program at Oneonta designed to provide students with extra-curricular educational leadership programs to prepare them for life after college. If your event is educational in any way, it may qualify for LEAD credit! Look through the LEAD Leadership Outcomes to see if any relate to your event. If so, apply for LEAD credit and it may attract additional students to your event! To qualify, you must have a faculty or staff member assisting you in planning the educational portion of the event.


One of the best ways to advertise your event is to have fliers printed and posted on campus.

SA - If you’re an SA-funded organization, the SA will make 50 free copies of your event flier for you (black & white ink on colored paper). Just stop in the SA office and drop off your flier, and we will have your copies the next day!

Print Shop - The college has a professional print shop that can print posters, fliers, brochures, and other materials in almost any size. The print shop offers a huge discount to on-campus organizations, so they’re a great resource to have. If you’re looking to get full-color posters printed, or fliers in bulk, stop in the print shop in the basement of Netzer to get a quote! If you’re an SA-funded organization, just bring this quote to the SA office to have the paperwork taken care of! If you are not an SA organization, please work with yoru advisor to see if you can get items printed. If you have any questions you can also email them or call them at x2508.

Hanging Posters on Campus: This is per building so make sure to plan accoridngly

  • Residence Halls – If you would like to have your posters hung in all residence halls, stop in the Residence Life office and ask to put your posters in the RD mailboxes. The Residence Director will then pass on the posters to their RAs who can hang the posters in their building.
  • Hunt Union – To have posters hung in Hunt Union, bring your posters to the info desk to have them approved.
  • IRC – To have posters hung in IRC, bring your posters to the IRC Secretary to have them approved.
  • Schumacher – To have posters hung in Schumacher, bring your posters to the International Office to have them approved.
  • Fine Arts, Fitzelle, Science 1, Physical Science, Chase, HECO – These buildings are more or less “free range.” There is not a specific person you need to bring your posters to in order to have them approved. If a bulletin board looks like it’s used for events (not a board containing info for a class or specific use, etc.), feel free to hang up your poster!

Media Clubs

There are several media-themed clubs on campus who are more than willing to help you advertise your event if you contact them.

  • OnMark (the Marketing Club) - The SUNY Oneonta Marketing Club is a very active group who work on all things marketing. If you would like help marketing your event (creating fliers, writing announcements, etc.), contact them! Email the President, Justin Barnett, at
  • WONY - WONY, our student-run campus radio station, does free news announcements every day. If you would like to have your event announced on WONY, just email your announcement to them.
  • The State Times - If you’re planning a major event, it’s possible you can get a free article written in the State Times, our student-run campus newspaper. The State Times comes out every Wednesday (is generally laid out on Monday), but make sure to contact them well in advance. They also print flyers (usually from the Campus Connection flyer board) but you could submit directly. Email them with details of your event.
  • The WIRE - If you’re planning your event well in advance, it’s possible that you could get the WIRE, our student-run campus TV station, to film and air a commercial for you. Email the President, Anna Finucane, at
  • The Film Club - If you’re planning your event well in advance, it’s possible that you could get the Film Club to film a promotional video for your event to be put on YouTube or other social media sites. Email the President, Nicole Guidice, at

Community Event Calendars

Please make sure that your event is appropriate for the community before utilizing these resources. Films shown for educational purposes (i.e. you didn't purchase the public performance rights should NOT Be advertised off campus).

  • The Daily Star Events Calendar - Follow the link, click “Add Event”, create an account, and submit your event.
  • The City of Oneonta/Sweet Home Oneonta Events Calendar - Go to this link and complete the info requested.
  • Otsego County Events Calendar - Follow this link, create an account, and submit your event.
  • Hometown Oneonta/Freeman’s Journal Events Calendar - Fill out the form at the top of the calendar.
  • The Community Bulletin Board (Time Warner Cable, channel 23)- Fill out and submit this form.

Media (or News) Release

The college has a communication's office that is experienced in writing news releases and contacting media outlets. If you’re putting on a major event, you can contact them to see if they to see if they can help to promote your event.


The quad banner spaces are reserved on the EMS system. There are only a few spaces. Banners should not be hung without a reservation and should be taken down as soon as possible after your reservation ends.


There are several Facebook groups set up for each graduating class at Oneonta. These are great resources to network with your peers and publicize your event. Create a Facebook event and post the link in these groups in order to get the word out online!