IGC Executive Board



The Inter-Greek Council is the governing body of all recognized fraternities and sororities at SUNY Oneonta. IGC is advised by Angie Eichler. The E-Board is a group of Greek students elected by their peers to make sure that the Greek community remains a strong student group on campus.


President: Jayna Nelson

Major: Mass Communications, Business Communications Minor
Hometown: Bellmore, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority
Goals for Position: To expand and improve Greek Life and promote its positive image throughout the campus and community!
Email: Nelsja47@suny.oneonta.edu

Vice-President: Geanie Blanco

Major: Communication Studies, Public Relations, Event Planning
Hometown: Warwick, NY
Year: Senior
Organization Sigma Delta Tau Sorority
Goals for Position: Host an Inter-Greek Games with Hartwick College, have SA organizations participate in Mr. and Ms. Oneonta, and have the best Greek Week ever!
Email: Blanr23@suny.oneonta.edu

Treasurer: Matthew Roberts

Major: Business Economics, Concentration in Finance. Double Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Eastchester, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Phi Kappa Psi fraternity
Goals for Position: Community Service Fundraiser
Email: Robems12@suny.oneonta.edu

Secretary: Elizabeth Sudlow

Major: Mass Communications
Hometown: Bellmore, NY
Year: Senior
Organization: Pi Delta Chi Sorority
Goals for Position: To establish and maintain effective and productive communication between organizations
Email: Sudle74@suny.oneonta.edu

Community Service and New Member Chair: Remi Farnan

Major: Business Economics/Communications
Hometown: Glen Cove, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Sigma Gamma Phi Sorority
Goals for Position: To help create Greek Unity among all organizations in Oneonta's Greek system
Email: Farnrg76@oneonta.edu

Scholarship Chair: Robert Allocca

Major: Economics/Business Industry
Hometown: Freeport, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Zeta Beta Tau fraternity
Goals for Position: Successful recognition receptions, promotion of time management and academic excellence among all Greek Life
Email: Allore81@suny.oneonta.edu

Fraternity Recruitment and Public Relations: Russell Lowe

Major: Food service and Resturant Administration and Business Economics with a concentration in marketing
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Zeta Beta Tau fraternity
Goals for Position: To continue to increase the quality and quanitiy of Greek Life. To improve Greek Unity between all organizations and imporve the Oneonta community's perception of Greek Life
Email: Lowera59@suny.oneonta.edu

Sorority Recruitment and Public Relations: Chelsea Kupferman

Major: Communication with a Minor in Public Relations and Event Planning
Hometown: Woodbury, NY
Organization: Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority
Goals for Position: To have two successful recruitment weeks for fall 2014 and spring 2015. Promote awareness of the Greek community.
Email: Kupfct68@suny.oneonta.edu

IGC Risk Management Chair: Brian Bennett

Major: Communication Studies and Criminal Justice
Hometown: East Islip, NY
Year: Junior
Organization: Chi Phi fraternity
Goals for Position: Ensure safety of all recognized Greek chapters.
Email: Bennbt27@suny.oneonta.edu

Multicultural: Jonathan Fermin

Major: Human Biology
Hometown: Bronx
Year: Junior
Organization: Lambda Sigma Upsilon fraternity inc.
Goals for Position: Continue to watch MGC grow and be a successful council
Email: fermjr53@suny.oneonta.edu