Hunt Union Student Manager


General Duties and Expectations

General Duties

Student Managers are selected based on their ability to assume responsibility, to work cohesively with their fellow students, to handle emergency situations calmly and efficiently, and to serve as the primary point persons and trouble-shooters for all activities and events that occur in the Union after regular office hours and weekends. Managers work one night a week and on alternate weekends. The regular pay rate is $13.05 per hour. Managers will work on average approximately 15 hours per week.

Student Managers serve as “Guest Relations Specialists” and provide extraordinary customer service and event management support. Managers will help maintain the safety, security and comfort of our guests by quickly resolving guest concerns and they play a role in maintaining the Hunt Union’s appearance.

The Student Managers may assist the Hunt Union, in the training, supervision of approximately 10 student information desk employees, as well as the review of policies and procedures of the facility. They will also work with the Student Technicians to provide event management and support.

The Student Managers meet with the Director as a group on a weekly basis (unpaid meeting) to discuss event and meeting preparations, marketing, operational procedures and staff issues. Managers may assist in the marketing of the Hunt College Union through programming efforts, developing marketing strategies to promote Hunt Union services, and by representing the College Union through participation on college committees or functions. They work as a team to explore more creative and effective ways of operating the building.

General Expectations

*To adhere to the decisions and direction of the professional staff.
*To meet the Director’s semester expectations and contribute to reaching manager goals.
*To attend and participate in staff training and development including diverity, equity, and inclusion education.
*To provide leadership, direction and example for our guests and staff.
*To assume responsibility for the Hunt College Union in the absence of the professional staff.
*To have a working knowledge of all areas of the Hunt College Union.
*To enforce Federal, State and local laws as well as Campus and College Union policies.
*To meet at regular intervals with the Director to report on building operations, events and services.
*To provide feedback to employees, fellow managers, the Director, and other professional staff.
*To receive feedback from the same, so that the staff may work more effectively together.
* All Student Managers must have and maintain at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.