Who Will I Be Seeing at the Health and Wellness Center?


Staff and Phone Numbers

The Health and Wellness Center is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of health care providers and professionals including the following:


Todd Bitterman, MD

College Physician; Internist

Mary Mancuso

Mary Mancuso, FNP-BC

Clinical Directer



Rebecca Harrington

Health Educator

Kristen Woytach PA

Physician Assistant



Peggy Benajmin RN

Registered Nurse

Barb Sanders

Barbara Sanders, FNP-BC

Family Practice Nurse, Women's Health


Janet Oberkirker, RN

Registered Nurse


Monica Breed,RN

Registered Nurse


Mindy LeFever

Secretary 1

Jackie Tripp

Jackie Tripp

Keyboard Specialist I; Insurance Representative








We also have several competent and friendly student workers at the front desk.

Phone Numbers

Questions or problems relating to health care can be addressed to Mary Mancuso, FNP –BC, Health and Wellness Center Director, at phone number (607) 436-3573 and Fax number (607) 436-2074.

Here are some other important phone numbers:

Health and Wellness Center, Main Desk- (607) 436-3573

Office of Health Education- (607) 436-3540

University Police- (607) 436-3550

Oneonta State Emergency Squad- (607) 436-3550

A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital Emergency Room- (607) 431-5000

Counseling Center- (607) 436-3368

PAIRS (Providing Advocacy and Intervention Regarding Sexual Assault)- (607) 436-3550 or 436-3898