Who Will I Be Seeing at the Health and Wellness Center?


Staff and Phone Numbers

The Health and Wellness Center is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team of health care providers and professionals including the following:


Todd Bitterman, MD

College Physician; Internist

Mary Mancuso

Mary Mancuso, FNP-BC

Clinical Directer



Rebecca Harrington

Health Educator

Kristen Woytach PA

Physician Assistant




Peggy Benajmin RN

Registered Nurse

Barb Sanders

Barbara Sanders, FNP-BC

Family Practice Nurse, Women's Health


Janet Oberkirker, RN

Registered Nurse


Monica Breed,RN

Registered Nurse


Mindy LeFever

Secretary 1

Jackie Tripp

Jackie Tripp

Keyboard Specialist 1




Questions or problems relating to health care can be addressed to Mary Mancuso, FNP –BC, Health and Wellness Center Director, at phone number (607) 436-3573 and Fax number (607) 436-2074.

Here are some other important phone numbers:

Health and Wellness Center, Main Desk- (607) 436-3573

Office of Health Education- (607) 436-3540

University Police- (607) 436-3550

Oneonta State Emergency Squad- (607) 436-3550

A. O. Fox Memorial Hospital Emergency Room- (607) 431-5000

Counseling Center- (607) 436-3368

PAIRS (Providing Advocacy and Intervention Regarding Sexual Assault)- (607) 436-3550 or 436-3898