Fees, Expenses, and Student Health Insurance Information


Are There Any Fees or Expenses?

The majority of services available at the Health and Wellness Center are covered by the mandatory health fee paid at the beginning of each semester, including exams, women's and men's health care, a limited number of prescription and over the counter medications, on site laboratory tests, on site treatments, some immunizations, etc. There are nominal additional charges for certain immunizations, prescription medications, pap smears, some STD laboratory tests/screens, and some contraceptives. Students will be required to pay for emergency room visits, services of off campus health care providers when referred, off campus laboratory and X-rays when ordered, and services, supplies, and medications obtained off campus.

Do I need Student Health Insurance?

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that students carry health care insurance coverage. If students do not have private health care coverage, a policy is available through the college for a charge. Students can enroll and un-enroll at the begining of the fall and spring semesters, and the policy's coverage is for twelve months (on and off campus). More information about this policy can be obtained from the college insurance representative, Jackie Tripp (number below).

If the student does not want the college student insurance, a waiver form should be submitted to Student Accounts at the time of registration. This waiver certifies that the student does have other health insurance.

Since the Health and Wellness Center only provides minimal on site laboratory services, ALL other costs must be borne by the student or his insurance, including emergency department expenses, referral to off campus health care providers, off campus laboratory/X-ray, and medications and supplies not available at the Health and Wellness Center. The insurance office is located in the Counseling, Health, and Wellness Center.

Phone number: College Insurance Representative- 607-436-3636.