Class Excuse Policy Due to Illness (Campus Policy)


It is the Student Health Services policy not to issue excuses/clinic visit notes to students for classes missed due to short-term illness or visits to Student Health Services. Responsibility for class attendance and for completion of assignments rest primarily with the student, who should be encouraged to assume this responsibility by communicating directly with faculty. The Student Health Service will, with documented authorization from the student, be glad to verify the illness or injury if the faculty member wishes to call.

Faculty/Advisor notification of student's long term illnesses (i.e. hospitalizations, sent home for medical reasons, mono, quarantine for communicable or serious disease) or severe injuries (i.e. fractures) will be done by the Office of Student Development after receiving notification from Student Health Services. When indicated as part of clinical management for short-term illness or less serious injury, Student Health Services Poviders may recommend deferment of responsibilities, non participation in certain activities, and other appropriate measures for "health reasons". Participation deferments are written at the discretion of the Provider. Faculty may call Student Health Services for verification of a student's visit, but the nature of the visit will not be disclosed without documented authorization from the student.

Excuses will never be given for classes missed due to a student appointment or walk-in visit at Student Health Services.
(See Faculty Handbook, Attendance Policies)