GSRC True/False Questionnaire


Think you're informed? Take our True/False questionaire and find out just how much you know about LGBT issues.

  1. LGB People make of about 5% of the Population.

  2. Sexual orientation is genetic.

  3. Sexual orientation can change.

  4. Someone who is transgender is gay.

  5. Most child molesters are heterosexual.

  6. Bisexuals are promiscuous.

  7. Transgender people are flamboyant and loud.

  8. Gay people have rights.

  9. Civil unions and marriage are essentially the same.

  10. Gay men are feminine and lesbians are masculine.

  11. HIV/AIDS is a disease mostly affecting gay men.

  12. Not all transgender people wnat surgery to make their physical body match their gender identity.

  13. You can easily tell when someone is LGBT from their apperance or mannerisms.

  14. Most gays and lesbians what to be memebers of the opposite sex.

  15. Sexual orientation can be viewed as a continuum.

  16. Gay men are sissies and lesbians were toboys when they where children.

  17. Examples of same-sex behavior can be found in other species and cultures.

  18. There are only two sexes (male and female) or at the most, three (male, female, and transgender)

    *****Answers listed below.

*Answers: 1. T 2. Both. 3. Both. 4. F. 5. T. 6. F. 7. F 8. both. 9.F. 10. F. 11. F. 12. T 13. F 14. F. 15. T. 16. F. 17. T. 18. F