Stereotype Busters


Lets talk about the real truth behind stereotypes! True or false? Answers posted at the bottom.

1. All lesbians hate men.

2. Bisexual women only make out with women to turn men on.

3. All bisexuals are hypersexual.

4. Asexuals are just scared of having sex.

5. In order to be trans you need to go through hormone treatment and have sexual reconstruction surgery.

6. Bisexuals are just confused.

7. Gay men are all flamboyant.

8. Cats mean everything to lesbians.

9. Asexuals just cannot get laid and just claim they are asexual.

10. Pansexuality does not exist.

11. A gay man's best friend is always a straight woman.

12. Pansexuals are attracted to everyone they see.

13. All lesbians do not shave their legs and/or armpit hair.

14. All trans men are women haters.

15. There is always a "man" and a "woman" in lesbian relationships.

16. Once someone transitions from either MTF or FTM they are now straight.

17. All gay men are obsessed with fashion.

18. All gay men hate sports.

19. Asexuals will be surrounded by cats forever.

20. All trans women are sex workers.




Answers - **All of these stereotypes are false**

Special thanks to M. Hymowitz and K. Schlegel.