Meet the Staff


Meet the GSRC Staff

Elliot Ruggles, MSW, PhD



Elliot Ruggles has a PhD in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, is a transman and a social worker.  He was born and raised in Massachusetts, and spent seven years in Philadelphia before coming to SUNY Oneonta. He began studying human sexuality as an undergraduate at Mount Holyoke College, a women’s college.  Through an environment that emphasized feminist values, he noticed this was also a place where many of his fellow classmates felt freedom to express their gender and sexuality in ways that challenged norms.  During his senior year there, he completed a qualitative research study entitled, “Mount Holyoke College: Definitions of Self within a Queer Community.”  Since studying at Widener University, he has focused on the diverse ways people express sexuality that don’t always follow the norms set out by Western patriarchal understandings of sexuality.  His dissertation, “Queer Sexual Development: A Phenomenological Life History Study of People who Fall Outside Gender and Sexuality Norms” is a culmination of that research.  As a social worker, Elliot has experience in providing counseling and support services to diverse populations in Philadelphia, including sexual abuse survivors, people in recovery from addiction, and adolescent parents. 

Spring 2015 Student Staff (udpates coming soon)

Ashli Cornelius, GSRC Assistant
Majors: Secondary Education and Mathematics
Class Year: Sophomore
Other Info: I Identify as queer and have been working here for two semesters. I also work at Bugbee daycare and I play Rugby and intermural basketball. I’m a member of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA).

Mandy Palmer, GSRC Assistant
Major: Child and Family Studies
Minor: Outdoor Leadership
Class Year: Senior
Other Info: I identify as a lesbian and have been working at the GSRC for 4 years. I’m a volunteer EMT for the Oneonta State Emergency Squad and I’m also the Activities Coordinator for this year’s SUNY Pride Conference.

Gordon Andrews, GSRC Assistant
Major: Psychology
Class Year : Senior
Other Info: I identify as Gay and have been working at the GSRC for 3 semesters. I am currently the Vice President of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance here on campus and have actively helped raise awareness regarding LGBT issues as well as serve as a support system for those in need.