Center Events


The GSRC offers a variety of programs. The following is a list of our scheduled events for the Spring 2014 semester:

Employee Events (click for flyer)

Pride Month Programming

Day of Silence Oneonta: Wedsnesday April 9th

"Breaking the Silence" Event 4/9 @ the CME 8pm featuring Slam Poet J Mase III

Diversity Week is April 14th- 18th! Stay tuned for programming happening that week!

Lavender Graduation Recognition Ceremony

Sunday April 27th, 4-6pm 2014 (Le Cafe, Morris Hall)

Sexual Assault Prevention Month Programming

Peer Education and Support Group (click for flyer)

Support the kNOw Violence campaign! (click for more)


Queer Students of Color Discussion Group (click for flyer)

Dialogue Sessions Spring 2014

February 27 #socialmedia4socialjustice @ the CME

Come join the acting director of the center for social justice education and LGBT communities at Rutgers University as she discusses multiple identities of people in a “check one box” world. Topics being discussed include oppression, art as activism, feminism, and multiracial experience.

March 13- Transgender health and standards of care

Transgender health standards of care have recently been updated. Dr. Carolyn Wolf-Gould will be discussing these updates and answer question about how trans* folk live, and keep up with their health.

March 20- Stories from creating change

This January, seven SUNY Oneonta students went to several workshops in Houston TX, at the National Conference for LGBT Equality, "Creating Change" to learn more about the issues facing LGBT community. They will be talking about their funding for the trip as well as their experiences.

March 27- LGBT representation in the media

Portrayal of LGBT people ranges from positive to very negative. The LGBT community is constantly battling with the negative image and trying to overcome stereotypes in television, films and other media. However, coverage has become more positive in recent years, possibly in an attempt by marketers to appeal to LGBT people. Join Amanda Connell as she discusses this and more.

April 10 -The nature of sexual diversity   

Come join Professor Grace Chen discuss sexual desires as it relates to the animal kingdom.

April 17 Gender and sexuality in yoga

Yoga is a releasing experience for everyone. It’s not only for woman anymore but men do it too. The LGBT community has joined the bandwagon to explore their sexuality in more ways than one. Join Jeff wood as he explores yoga, gender and sexuality.

April 24 Hot bods and hot rods

Join Richard Cebada as he addresses the representation of men and masculinity in the media. It covers topics such as media stereotypes of masculinity, how children see masculinity portrayed in media, how various media contribute to stereotypes of masculinity, male authority in media news coverage, and address the role that the media play in shaping attitudes about masculinity.

May 1 LGBTQ issue in the workplace

Ready for graduation and “the real world”? Come discuss the workplace environment and how it affects the LGBTQ community with GSRC director Elliot Ruggles and Amy Benedict Augustine, Director of the Career Development Center.