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Our Mission

The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center is to provide education, support and advocacy for gender and sexual orientation equity to the SUNY Oneonta Campus and the greater Oneonta community.  We exercise an active position for social and political justice with regards to sex, gender, and sexual orientation and their intersections with race, ethnicity, class, religion, age, and ability.

Revised November 14, 2007

The Gender and Sexuality Resource center, located on the second floor of the Hunt Student Union, and it intended to be a safe space for peoples of all genders, sexualities and ethnic or racial identities to relax and gather in. Open 5 days a week, the center has a TV, fridge, and a mini library and periodicals section. From doing homework to watching TV, we're here for you.



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Phone: 607-436-2190
Center Director, Elliot Ruggles