Call for Presentations

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) and the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) at SUNY Oneonta are happy to announce the first ever SUNY Pride Conference at Hunt College Union in Oneonta on October 11th-13th, 2013! Delegates from all SUNY system campuses are invited to attend this landmark conference.

The mission of SUNY Pride is to unite together these campuses to create a more inclusive environment for the SUNY system as a whole. Through education, collaboration, networking, and inclusivity, SUNY Pride will encourage students and faculty to become au courant with each other’s policies, facilities, accessibilities, and trainings.

We invite you to join the experience and participate in the variety of workshops the conference wishes to present! This conference is all about SUNY pride!

In order to be more inclusive of the SUNY system writ-large we ask you to get involved and help create a more well rounded conference for all those attending. We would like to highlight best practices already happening within the SUNY system, so we encourage workshop presenters to focus on presentations that highlight specific events or strategies you’ve found especially useful at your campus.Below are possible workshop topics, we encourage you to read them over and let us know if you would like to join our team.

Please respond with 350 words telling us what you (and your team) would hope to accomplish for the specific workshop, including a description of the best practice event/strategy you would like to share. Workshops are happening in two formats, 45-minute one-topic workshops, and moderated panel discussions (also 45 minutes time-slots) on broad topics with 3-4 speakers, each 10 minutes. Some presentation topics are listed in both formats, to be determined depending on response.

Please send proposals to, with the following information: school that is being represented, title of proposed workshop, and names (and titles, if professional staff) of presenters.

We look forward to reading your responses!

Deadline EXTENDED through September 20th, 2013!

Presentation Topic Ideas
Ice, Ice Baby: Icebreakers for student groups and meetings
“Where’s the love”: spreading diversity through non-violent communication
“Get Connected”: gender and sexuality news sites, tumblrs, blogs etc.
“The Real World”: dealing with post-college life and advocacy for minority populations
LGBTQ Parenting
Intersectionality: Race/Ethnicity/Disability and Sexuality Issues
Express Yourself: Communicating about feelings effectively
Gender Neutral Housing/Bathrooms
Residential Life Issues
Being Inclusive in the classroom
Student Retention (alumni affairs, admissions, etc.)
General SUNY system diversity issues
Event planning on campus
Collaborating with campus groups/ finding allies on campus
Working with University Police/ Safety on campus

Panel Discussion Ideas
Faith and sexuality panel
“Gays and Greeks”: Greek Life panel
Athletics Panel
Intersectionality: Race/Ethnicity/Disability and Sexuality Issues?
Being Inclusive in the classroom
Student Retention (alumni affairs, admissions, etc.)

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