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March is Women's History Month. Check out our events page for more.


Love Your Coochie began three years ago when educators, concerned about the general lack of education and open discussion about women’s bodies, sexuality, and health concerns for young people, presented an opportunity for our students to engage in critical discussion of issues often considered taboo or not worthy of scholarly focus. The result of not critically exploring and discussing issues about sex and sexuality (identity, behaviors, activities, power dynamics…) leaves people with the task of discovering and figuring these things out on their own. This path of discovery is most often framed by dominant social definitions and expectations of gender, gender identity, gender roles, and sex styles, which can be restrictive, uninspired, and laden with power dynamics that reinforce inequalities. Sexuality is a profound part of the human experience, yet treated as if it is something that should be hidden and not talked about – leaving people wandering through shame, ignorance, and curiosity trying to figure things out. In many cases, because of the sheer lack of real sex education, young people use forms of pornography as educational tools, which give people patterns and blueprints and concepts about sexual relationships and behaviors that are wrapped up in a host of issues and concerns. As educators, we feel the need to offer safe spaces for students to ask questions, seek and/or share information, and learn without fear of being shamed or ridiculed.

This year, Coochie will be concentrated during the last two weeks of March in conjunction with Women’s History Month, using a free-form style as opposed to a regular conference style where all events happen on one or two days. Once we know who wants to present, when they want to present, and how much time and space they need, we will create a schedule that will offer a variety of events sprinkled throughout the two week period. It is our hope that this approach will accommodate any and all who want to present a discussion, lecture, workshop, or activity by enabling them to work this into their already existing schedule. Our other hope is that offering events this way will allow students more opportunities to attend them.

We are now accepting proposals for presentations, lectures, workshops, discussion panels, round tables, spoken word performance, and open discussion forums. We encourage people to be as creative as they like in how they shape their event.

This year’s theme is Women’s Sexuality in the Media. This theme is meant to be broadly interpreted and can address:

various identities, relationships, and practices
lessons on the body and its functions
concerns about sexual harassment
issues of consent
images of bodies identified as female and the meanings those images carry
misinformation, presentation of stereotypes and the resulting effects
meanings and messages about gender and sex layered onto bodies of color and/or trans* bodies
concepts formed between gender, sexuality, and class
the shaming of bodies and behaviors
the commodification of women

This year we want to encourage students to create student-led or student-focused events. We’d like to see students take more ownership of this opportunity to openly and critically discuss issues commonly silenced and hidden from open examination.
This conference is organized and presented by educators from Women’s and Gender Studies, the Health and Wellness Center, and the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Love Your Coochie is open to all gender identities, and all interested parties are encouraged to create events and submit proposals.

Please email us with your ideas or subject matters (300 words or less), the goals for your presentation or discussion, the style/form it will take (lecture, workshop, facilitated discussion, film, performance…), amount of time needed, type/size room needed (how many people would you expect or hope to attend), and what equipment you might need. Also, let us know what date and time span you need.

Submissions are due by March 2, 2015.

Please send proposals to one of the people listed below. Also feel free to contact us with questions.
Bambi Lobdell: lobdelbl@oneonta.edu
Rebecca Harrington: Rebecca.Harrington@oneonta.edu
Elliot Ruggles: Elliot.Ruggles@oneonta.edu


Our Mission

Mission Statement (revised 2014)

"The mission of the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) is to provide resources, education, support and advocacy for gender and sexuality equity and inclusion for SUNY Oneonta students and employees and therefore the greater Oneonta community in support of the campus' diversity goals through an intersectional social justice approach to issues of privilege and oppression.  The GSRC mission intersects with the college’s values to promote teaching, learning and scholarship related to gender and sexuality on campus, and to support student engagement through professional development and community relations.” 

The Gender and Sexuality Resource center, located on the second floor of the Hunt College Union, provides a safe space for peoples of all genders, sexualities and creeds to relax in. Open 5 days a week, the center has a TV, fridge, and a mini library and periodicals section. From doing homework to watching TV, we're here for you.

GSRC Spring 2015 Hours

Monday - Thursday 11 am - 8 pm
and Friday 11 am - 6 pm

Student Group Meetings

Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meetings take place 8:30pm Wedsnesdays in the Union Square Room of Hunt Union.

Gender and Equal Rights Society (GEaRS) meetings take place 5:00pm Tuesdays in the Leatherstocking Room.

Queer Students of Color Discussion Group meetings take place 8:00pm Mondays in Denison Hall Library(CME).

Fabulous Oneonta Feminists Discussion Group meetings take place 6pm Tuesdays in Starbucks Hunt Union.

College Committees

kNOw Violence- Contact: Rebecca Harrington, Health Educator.

The know violence committee provides programming and education to the campus community regarding the issues of sexual assault and relationship violence. The Committee is made up of faculty, staff and students and meets once a month.

Click here for more.

Sexual Misconduct Policy Taskforce- Contact: Andrew Stammel, Title IX Coordinator.

The College, at the direction of the President, has convened a Task Force with the primary charge of crafting a Comprehensive Sexual Misconduct Policy for the College. While members of the College community are already protected from sexual harassment and sexual violence by a number of policies, this Comprehensive Policy will be a single, easily accessible and user-friendly document for students, employees, and others affected by sexual misconduct to find information regarding the College's rules and procedures, including the rights of students and the obligations of the institution and its employees.

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Center Director, Dr. Elliot Ruggles