Elana Levy

Clubs: E-Board for Resident Student Organization (RSO), member of the National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), and a sister of Sigma Gamma Phi sorority :)

Campus Food: Asian Stir Fry or Hummus and veggies at Wilsbach!

Students can look forward to: Meeting new friends at Orientation as well as when they start their classes as well as enjoying the nice weather while it lasts! Also, students can look forward to getting involved on campus by joining lots of clubs and organizations!

Advice from me to you: My advice is to get involved as as soon as you can whether it's joining Hall Government, SA, RSO, Recognized Greek Life, intramurals, or joining any club on campus! Becoming involved is what will make your time here at SUNY Oneonta such a great experience as well as the friends you will meet along the way.