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2014 Orientation Leaders!

The Orientation Leader (OL) team is comprised of SUNY Oneonta student leaders who provide a warm welcome to incoming students and their family members. OLs introduce new students and their family members to Oneonta campus life and represent Oneonta's student body at its best. Stay tuned for the 2015 Orientation Leaders!





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Jimmy Bernstein

Class Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Involvement: Mens Cross Country and Indoor and Outdoor Track Teams
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills
Favorite Place to Study: Skybox, Alumni Field House
Advice for New Students: Go to your professor's office hours even if you think you know the material. It will make the exams, papers, and projects much less difficult.

Akeem Celestine

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Theater
Involvement: I am involved in many club activities such as SOAL, GSA, and Mask and Hammer.
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills Marketplace
Favorite Place to Study: An empty classroom in Fine Arts
Advice for New Students: Do not be afraid to become the person that you have always wanted to be. In college you can become a new person if you choose to be. You are starting a new chapter in your life, so make it awesome and worthwhile.

Chris Chiarelli

Class Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education, Math
Involvement: Treasurer for Ford Hall Government, Intramural Soccer, Member of ACEI Club (Association for Childhood Education International)
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills Marketplace
Favorite Place to Study: My room
Advice for New Students: Don't forget to check to see if there are open washers or dryers when doing your laundry!

Colton Cox

Class Year: Senior
Major: English
Involvement: Eboard of Art & Scope (literary and art magazine on campus, Eboard member of Oneonta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta (the International English Honor Society), Resident Advisor for Littell Hall.
Favorite Spot to Eat: My favorite spot to eat has to be Jazzman's Café! They serve some awesome coffee and pastries and there's always some great music playing. It's a cool atmosphere to kick back or get some work done.
Favorite Place to Study: I'm a big fan of the library, particularly the Education Room, where there are some very comfortable chairs. When I'm not in the library, I like to study up at Hunt Union with groups of friends.
Advice for New Students: Put yourself in new situations. You should always make an effort to talk to people whose lives are different than your own. There's no better opportunity to expand your horizons than during your undergraduate college experience, so make an effort to make friends with people you might not normally associate with--you'll learn something new, if nothing else. Also, be willing to bend your schedule. It's easy for people to fall into a daily routine, and it's a very healthy habit to break that routine and try something out of the norm--take a walk into town, go check out the College Camp, or just explore a part of campus you've never checked out before.

Caitlin Dempsey

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Elementary Education, B-6
Involvement: Member of Mentor Community, Student worker in the Office of New Student Services, Very Influential Peer
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach
Favorite Place to Study: Second floor of the library, overlooking the quad.
Advice for New Students: Don't skip classes just because teachers don't take attendance. They notice when you don't show up. Also, make connections with your professors, email them A LOT and talk to them before/after class. It's good to have a professor you can go to for advice or a recommendation.

Kenny Galazka

Class Year: Senior
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Resident Advisor, Sergeant at Arms, Mask and Hammer, Assistant Stage Manager
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills, MyKitchen! I love making my own meals!
Favorite Place to Study: Before finals week, 3rd floor of the library - During finals week, lounges!
Advice for New Students: Take any chance you have to meet new people. Introduce yourself to people in your class, talk to people at club meetings, and even go around your hall. It might be really scary at first, but it's way more likely it's going to turn into a good story down the line than a rejection.

Daniela Gutierrez

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Vice President of Hall Government in Hulbert Hall, AALANA Mentor, Treasurer of Student Association Activity Council (SAAC)
Favorite Spot to Eat: Jazzman's Café has the best yogurt parfait. Can't pass by without getting one.
Favorite Place to Study Library, quiet floor.
Advice for New Students: Plan a dinner date with someone from your hall and encourage others to come along. Sit in the first two rows in lecture halls, the people around you could be potential study buddies.

Shane Irwin

Class Year: Junior
Major: Business Economics
Involvement: Brother Alpha Phi Delta fraternity, Member of $OFA (SUNY Oneonta Frisbee Association), Member of St. Jude's Giants
Favorite Spot to Eat: Hulbert! Their healthy stir fry station is the best.
Favorite Place to Study: The skylab on the third floor of the science building.
Advice for New Students: Utilize MyKitchen in Mills Dining Hall! Chefs prepare amazing meals certain days of the week but if they're not cooking you can also prepare your own stir fry, salads, sandwiches, and more.

Tyler Itzkowitz

Class Year: Senior
Major: Elementary Education 1-6
Involvement: President of the Class of 2015, Oneonta Future Alumni Network Philanthropy Chair, $OFA - SUNY Oneonta Frisbee Association
Favorite Spot to Eat: Picnic table in the quad.
Favorite Place to Study: The Living Room in Hunt Union or outside on the dock.
Advice for New Students: Don't wear your lanyard when you come back to school!

Cassidy Keane

Class Year: Junior
Major: Political Science & Mass Communications
Involvement: Member of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, Information Desk Assistant at Hunt Union, Desktop Support Consultant at Information Technology Services
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach - always can count on Wils for french fries!
Favorite Place to Study: Hunt Union in the big comfy chairs
Advice for New Students: Latte Lounge is the most delicious off campus breakfast spot!

CJ Kohler

Class Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Involvement: Athletic Training Room Student Assistant
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach because of the CHICKEN TENDERS!
Favorite Place to Study: In my room
Advice for New Students: Always talk to professors either before, after class or by email to make appointments to meet up with them. Many professors take note of who makes the effort to talk to them and may end up giving you a few points on your final grade at the end of the semester. I know because it's happened to me!

Kai Malik

Class Year: Senior
Major: Biochemistry
Involvement: Student Association President, Student body representative on Faculty Senate, SAAC member
Favorite Spot to Eat: Starbucks
Favorite Place to Study Second floor lobby of the library by the windows
Advice for New Students: The biggest piece of advice I could give anyone would be to put yourself out there! Leave your door open and walk around your building introducing yourself to your neighbors. Make plans with them to eat or to watch one of our free weekly movies! Trust me, they are in the same boat as you and who doesn’t like to make new friends?! If you live off-campus and don’t have a way to contact people, get involved! You don’t have to join every club out there but there are a variety of events occurring every single day on campus. You can always check them out and introduce yourself to people. If you are shy and need someone to accompany you, I would be happy to come with you! We can even make a Orientation group outing!!There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and have fun on campus, you just have to step out of your shell a little and the opportunities are endless! If you lock yourself in your room, you aren’t experiencing the college life, go outside and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

Hailey Mancini

Class Year: Junior
Major: Sociology & Psychology
Involvement: Sister of Sigma Gamma Phi, RA in Hays Hall, and Secretary of the Class of 2016 Eboard.
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wrappz in Mills. There is so much variety and it's always so tasty!
Favorite Place to Study: I like the third floor of the library. It's the quiet floor so no one is allowed to make excess noise. It's easier for me to focus there!
Advice for New Students: Put your electronics away and talk to people! It's amazing how much real life is going on outside of social media. Say hello to a stranger and maybe a life long friendship will begin!

Matt O'Sullivan

Class Year: Junior
Major: Communication Studies & Philosophy
Involvement: Executive Vice President of the Student Association Senate, Resident Advisor for Ford Hall, Brother of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Favorite Spot to Eat: Starbucks
Favorite Place to Study: Quiet floor of Milne Library
Advice for New Students: Take advantage of all the opportunities the College has to offer. With over 100 different clubs and organizations, it makes it incredibly easy to find your niche!

Jordan Perry

Class Year: Senior
Major: Child and Family Studies
Involvement: Resident Advisor, Resident Student Organization, Gender Equality & Rights Society
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach
Favorite Place to Study: Hunt Union
Advice for New Students: Write letters to your family and friends while you're away. It's a great way to stay in contact and it will brighten your day when you receive a letter back!

Virginia Petrus

Class Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
Involvement: Student Manager of the CME, Resident Advisor, and the Vice President of NRHH (National Residence Hall Honorary)
Favorite Spot to Eat: I love Mills Dining Hall, it's in the middle of campus and the food is delicious.
Favorite Place to Study: My room or the third floor of the library because it's the quiet floor.
Advice for New Students: Embrace the changes that are going to come and become comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Lyndsey Romard

Class Year: Senior
Major: Business Economics
Involvement: Sister of Sigma Gamma Phi, Member of Pitch Slapped Acapella Group
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach
Favorite Place to Study: Second floor of Milne Library
Advice for New Students: Take a walk around campus to familiarize yourself before classes start so you won't get lost on your first day!

Nate Wind

Class Year: Senior
Major: Mass Communications
Involvement: E-board for philanthropic club Rock to Cure, Host on The Wire, formerly signed to Red Dragon Records (Record Label that is run by the Music Industry Club
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills
Favorite Place to Study: Hunt Union Living Room
Advice for New Students: Keep an open mind for every person you meet and give everyone a chance. Your best friend could end up being someone you wouldn't originally expect.

Katie Wood

Class Year: Senior
Major: Human Biology
Involvement: Sister of Sigma Gamma Phi Sorority, Secretary for the Class of 2015 Eboard, Chemistry Tutor
Favorite Spot to Eat: Wilsbach Dining Hall
Favorite Place to Study: Milne Library
Advice for New Students: Don't hesitate. When it comes to anyting. Whether it's introducing yourself to your professors, acquiring an internship, studying for exams, or getting involved. Follow your instincts and you'll be guaranteed to succeed.

Sam Zinke

Class Year: Senior
Major: Child and Family Studies
Involvement: Resident advisor, Very Influential Peer, National Residency Hall Honorary Member
Favorite Spot to Eat: Mills, My Kitchen
Favorite Place to Study: Anywhere outside! Or if it's winter at Hunt Union.
Advice for New Students: Do the things YOU want to do. Get involved with things you love, talk to people you like, take classes that interest you. College is a time where you find yourself, so take advantage of that. If you try something and you don't like it, try something else. Go to things on campus that you would never think about going to. SUNY Oneonta has amazing events offered on campus everyday that are so unique and really fun. Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something different.