New Orientation Leader Applications are now closed.

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If you are a newly hired Orientation Leader and work as an RA, ATM, Hunt Union Building Manager or Morris Complex manager, you must print this form and ask your supervisor to sign it and return to New Student Services by Friday, April 14 at 4:00pm.


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Jimmy Bernstein

Class Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Grahamsville, NY
Involvement: Mens Cross Country and Indoor and Track and Field Teams
Favorite Spot on Campus: College Camp
Advice for New Students: Bring sunscreen!

Bill Blatz

Class Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Hometown: North Babylon, NY
Involvement: Transfer Student Mentor, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Intramural Frisbee, Alpha Phi Omega, Hall Government, Transfer Student Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: Intramural Fields
Advice for New Students: Learn to manage your time, get to know your professors and just have fun with it.

Denny Burhan

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Mass Communications and Theatre
Hometown: Johnson City, NY
Involvement: Gender & Sexuality Resource Center student assistant, Poetry Slam Association, Queer and Trans* Students of Color
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at Hunt Union! It is such a welcoming place where you can ask questions or just hang out!
Advice for New Students: Hulbert dining hall has the best vegan chicken strips by request!!

Ryan Butler

Class Year: Junior
Major: Human Biology and Psychology
Hometown: Corning, NY
Involvement: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Red Dragon Theater because my friends and I love to go catch free movies there on the weekends.
Advice for New Students: Don't be nervous, you are going to have a great time here.

Chris Chiarelli

Class Year: Senior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Smithtown, NY
Involvement: Treasurer of Elementary Education Club, Intramural Sports
Favorite Spot on Campus: The intramural fields
Advice for New Students: Get to know your professors!

Sammy Darpino

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology, Criminal Justice Minor
Hometown: Endicott, NY
Involvement: Pi Delta Chi, Jazz Band, Milne Library student worker
Favorite Spot on campus: The dining halls and library
Advice for New Students: Meet with your academic advisor in the first week of classes if you want to switch into a different class.

Caitlin Dempsey

Class Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education (B-6) with Social Studies
Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
Involvement: Very Influential Peer, Secretary of the Association of Childhood Education (ACE) club, Alumni Foundation Student Director
Favorite Spot on Campus: I love relaxing and studying in the tech center of the library.
Advice for New Students: It's important to try new things and get involved right away! The time flies by, don't waste a second!

Rosanni Encarnacion

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology and Africana and Latino Studies
Involvement: Residential Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Netzer Quad Wall
Advice for New Students: Bring clothes for all seasons when you move in!

Lauren Kelly

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Secondary Social Studies Education
Hometown: Cicero, NY
Involvement: Association of Secondary Educators, Residential Student Organization, Oneonta Connection Team
Favorite Spot on Campus: Milne Library.
Advice for New Students: Bring a bigger fan! And don't forget to have fun!

Hailey Mancini

Class Year:Senior
Major:Sociology and Psychology
Hometown: Islip, NY
Involvement: Student worker at the Registrar, Secretary of the class of 2016, Sister of Sigma Gamma Phi
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Quad! So much room for activities!
Advice for New Students: Being a senior, I wish someone told me to really cherish the experience. It goes so quick and it's so wonderful.

Brian Mead

Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sherburne, NY
Involvement: Resident Assistant in Littel Hall, SUNY Oneonta Technician, Dedicated ping-pong player
Favorite Spot on Campus: Physics Ping-Pong table
Advice for New Students: Bring your snow boots!

Angie Mendez

Class Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Queens, NY
Involvement: Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc., AALANA Mentor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Your social life won't help you with your grades.

Denis Muganza

Class Year: Junior
Major: Music Industry and Business
Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda
Involvement: RA in Huntington Hall, Tour Guide at Admissions, Member of the Poetry Slam Association, Intramural Soccer Player
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Hunt Union Pond! (so peaceful)
Advice for New Students: 1 diamond (good friend) is worth more than 1000 stones (people).

Dario Occeus

Class Year:Sophomore
Major: Business Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Involvement: RA, AALANA Mentee
Favorite Spot on Campus: Seasons
Advice for New Students: Be open minded.

Matt O'Sullivan

Class Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies and Philosophy
Hometown: Babylon, NY
Involvement: Member of Phi Kappa Psi, Student Association, Resident Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Be willing to break out of your shell because once you do, you will truly appreciate all SUNY Oneonta has to offer!

Colette Passafiume

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Warwick, NY
Involvement: Hall Government
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Professors aren't super scary, if you are dedicated to your work, you will succeed!

Sara Pettit

Class Year:Junior
Major: Child and Family Studies
Hometown: Inwood, NY
Involvement: Gender and Sexuality Alliance E-board, Photographer, Poetry Slam Association
Favorite Spot on Campus: The path behind the pond
Advice for New Students: It still snows in April!

Astrid Ressler

Class Year: Junior
Major: English
Hometown: Endicott, NY
Involvement: Disc Jockey for WONY, Copy Editor for The State Times
Favorite Spot on Campus: The hiking trails
Advice for New Students: You can make friends and win prizes at campus events so go to them!

Daija Russell

Class Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY
Involvement: Poetry Slam Association, Student Association, Student Association Activities Council, Resident Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Higgins Hall
Advice for New Students: Budget your money

Rori Stark

Class Year: Senior
Major: Business Economics
Hometown: Brewster, NY
Involvement: Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse, Marketing Club, Economics Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: Fitz (Fitzelle Hall) is just so modern and nice. I like having class in there. I also love walking through the quad seeing a bunch of people I know. I especially like it when there are activities going on.
Advice for New Students: I wish someone had given me a list of everything I needed to pack!

Samantha Zinke and Tyler Itzkowitz

Summer Orientation Assistants
Sam's Career Aspiration: Sam will be participating in the Disney College Program next year. Her goal is to get a Master's degree in Child and Family Studies
Tyler's Career Aspiration: Tyler will be student teaching next semester and then would like to pursue Graduate School for Higher Education.