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Jimmy Bernstein

Class Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Grahamsville, NY
Involvement: Mens Cross Country and Indoor and Track and Field Teams
Favorite Spot on Campus: College Camp
Advice for New Students: Bring sunscreen!

Bill Blatz

Class Year: Junior
Major: Biology
Hometown: North Babylon, NY
Involvement: Transfer Student Mentor, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Intramural Frisbee, Alpha Phi Omega, Hall Government, Transfer Student Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: Intramural Fields
Advice for New Students: Learn to manage your time, get to know your professors and just have fun with it.

Denny Burhan

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Mass Communications and Theatre
Hometown: Johnson City, NY
Involvement: Gender & Sexuality Resource Center student assistant, Poetry Slam Association, Queer and Trans* Students of Color
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center at Hunt Union! It is such a welcoming place where you can ask questions or just hang out!
Advice for New Students: Hulbert dining hall has the best vegan chicken strips by request!!

Ryan Butler

Class Year: Junior
Major: Human Biology and Psychology
Hometown: Corning, NY
Involvement: Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Red Dragon Theater because my friends and I love to go catch free movies there on the weekends.
Advice for New Students: Don't be nervous, you are going to have a great time here.

Chris Chiarelli

Class Year: Senior
Major: Elementary Education
Hometown: Smithtown, NY
Involvement: Treasurer of Elementary Education Club, Intramural Sports
Favorite Spot on Campus: The intramural fields
Advice for New Students: Get to know your professors!

Sammy Darpino

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Psychology, Criminal Justice Minor
Hometown: Endicott, NY
Involvement: Pi Delta Chi, Jazz Band, Milne Library student worker
Favorite Spot on campus: The dining halls and library
Advice for New Students: Meet with your academic advisor in the first week of classes if you want to switch into a different class.

Caitlin Dempsey

Class Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education (B-6) with Social Studies
Hometown: Hopewell Junction, NY
Involvement: Very Influential Peer, Secretary of the Association of Childhood Education (ACE) club, Alumni Foundation Student Director
Favorite Spot on Campus: I love relaxing and studying in the tech center of the library.
Advice for New Students: It's important to try new things and get involved right away! The time flies by, don't waste a second!

Rosanni Encarnacion

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology and Africana and Latino Studies
Involvement: Residential Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Netzer Quad Wall
Advice for New Students: Bring clothes for all seasons when you move in!

Lauren Kelly

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Secondary Social Studies Education
Hometown: Cicero, NY
Involvement: Association of Secondary Educators, Residential Student Organization, Oneonta Connection Team
Favorite Spot on Campus: Milne Library.
Advice for New Students: Bring a bigger fan! And don't forget to have fun!

Hailey Mancini

Class Year:Senior
Major:Sociology and Psychology
Hometown: Islip, NY
Involvement: Student worker at the Registrar, Secretary of the class of 2016, Sister of Sigma Gamma Phi
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Quad! So much room for activities!
Advice for New Students: Being a senior, I wish someone told me to really cherish the experience. It goes so quick and it's so wonderful.

Brian Mead

Class Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Sherburne, NY
Involvement: Resident Assistant in Littel Hall, SUNY Oneonta Technician, Dedicated ping-pong player
Favorite Spot on Campus: Physics Ping-Pong table
Advice for New Students: Bring your snow boots!

Angie Mendez

Class Year: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Queens, NY
Involvement: Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc., AALANA Mentor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Your social life won't help you with your grades.

Denis Muganza

Class Year: Junior
Major: Music Industry and Business
Hometown: Kigali, Rwanda
Involvement: RA in Huntington Hall, Tour Guide at Admissions, Member of the Poetry Slam Association, Intramural Soccer Player
Favorite Spot on Campus: The Hunt Union Pond! (so peaceful)
Advice for New Students: 1 diamond (good friend) is worth more than 1000 stones (people).

Dario Occeus

Class Year:Sophomore
Major: Business Economics
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Involvement: RA, AALANA Mentee
Favorite Spot on Campus: Seasons
Advice for New Students: Be open minded.

Matt O'Sullivan

Class Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies and Philosophy
Hometown: Babylon, NY
Involvement: Member of Phi Kappa Psi, Student Association, Resident Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Be willing to break out of your shell because once you do, you will truly appreciate all SUNY Oneonta has to offer!

Colette Passafiume

Class Year: Sophomore
Major: Sociology
Hometown: Warwick, NY
Involvement: Hall Government
Favorite Spot on Campus: Hunt Union Pond
Advice for New Students: Professors aren't super scary, if you are dedicated to your work, you will succeed!

Sara Pettit

Class Year:Junior
Major: Child and Family Studies
Hometown: Inwood, NY
Involvement: Gender and Sexuality Alliance E-board, Photographer, Poetry Slam Association
Favorite Spot on Campus: The path behind the pond
Advice for New Students: It still snows in April!

Astrid Ressler

Class Year: Junior
Major: English
Hometown: Endicott, NY
Involvement: Disc Jockey for WONY, Copy Editor for The State Times
Favorite Spot on Campus: The hiking trails
Advice for New Students: You can make friends and win prizes at campus events so go to them!

Daija Russell

Class Year: Senior
Major: Communication Studies
Hometown: Mount Vernon, NY
Involvement: Poetry Slam Association, Student Association, Student Association Activities Council, Resident Advisor
Favorite Spot on Campus: Higgins Hall
Advice for New Students: Budget your money

Rori Stark

Class Year: Senior
Major: Business Economics
Hometown: Brewster, NY
Involvement: Women's Soccer, Women's Lacrosse, Marketing Club, Economics Club
Favorite Spot on Campus: Fitz (Fitzelle Hall) is just so modern and nice. I like having class in there. I also love walking through the quad seeing a bunch of people I know. I especially like it when there are activities going on.
Advice for New Students: I wish someone had given me a list of everything I needed to pack!

Samantha Zinke and Tyler Itzkowitz

Summer Orientation Assistants
Sam's Career Aspiration: Sam will be participating in the Disney College Program next year. Her goal is to get a Master's degree in Child and Family Studies
Tyler's Career Aspiration: Tyler will be student teaching next semester and then would like to pursue Graduate School for Higher Education.