Private (Alternative) Educational Loans


You should exhaust ALL financial aid (including grants and scholarships) eligibility as well as any federal student loan eligibility before investigating private educational loans.  SUNY Oneonta does not endorse any specific lender and has no relationship with any lender or affiliate. We will do our best to certify all valid loan applications for any legitimate loan program in a timely manner. Please be aware that some lenders do not participate fully in electronic processing that interfaces with our processing environment. We will make every effort to process loan applications as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Your lender should meet the following requirements:

Borrower Benefits: Lenders must have competitive rates, and repayment benefits must mirror industry standards.  “Value” isn’t always just about price and may mean different combinations of discounts, benefits and service for individual borrowers.

Customer Service and Operational Standards: It is essential that a lender offer 24/7 access to loan information online and/or 24/7 toll-free call center access with knowledgeable representatives.  Lenders should fully interface electronically with industry partners and demonstrate timely and responsive processing and problem resolution.