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Chi Alpha Epsilon: Beta Eta Chapter


Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE), was founded at West Chester University in Pennsylvania in 1990. Our local Beta Eta Chapter was chartered in February 2001.

XAE is a National Honor Society dedicated to the promotion of continued high academic standards.

XAE recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria.


The Induction Ceremony will be held on November 15, 2016, in the Craven Lounge of the Morris Conference Center.


Membership is reserved for students who hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. for two consecutive full-time (12 semester hours or more) semesters, and have been admitted to college through an opportunity-type program. Additionally, alumni who graduate with a 3.0 or better cumulative G.P.A. are eligible.

For more information, access the home page at:

Current XAE Members

2015-2016 XAE Members:

Afriyie, Samuel
Alevante, Ivan
Atwa, Dina
Bautista, Alfredo
Cardoso, Janine
Cazarin, Alan
Cervantes, Diana
Chammas, Brittany
Chen, Lloyd
Cruz-Gonzalez, Michael
Dejesus, Karlyssa
Diaz, Luis
Doyle, Kyle
Esposito, Nicholas
Feria-Leon, Angel
Fernandez, Vianca
Fuentes, Maria
Griffith, Dylan
Gutierrez, Daniela
Hitchen, Matthew
Jeanty, Merlyn
Martinez, Eduardo
Melendez, Ambar
Mercado, Alejandro
Moore, Talaya
Morales, Michelle
Morton, Natiqua
Nicosia, Marissa
Pena, Michelle
Perilla, Felix
Perry, Rachel
Prempeh, Barbara
Reid, John
Retell, Brooke
Rivera, Martin
Rivera, Miguel
Robinson, Monaejah
Rogers, Darnel
Rosado, Ramon
Rozon, Jordania
Sala, Angela
Santana, Jesus
Santana, Leslie
Shamblin, Chloe
Soriano, Jessica
Torijano, Estefania
Urure-Cruz, Kevin
Valerio, Yamilec
Vasquez, David

Spring 2016 Initiates:

New Inductees
Dina Atwa
Janine Cardoso
Alan Cazarin
Diana Cervantes
Michael Cruz-Gonzalez
Karlyssa Dejesus
Nicholas Esposito
Vianca Fernandez
Dylan Griffith
Michelle Morales
Marissa Nicosia
Michelle Pena
Felix Perilla
Barbara Prempeh
Brooke Retell
Darnel Rogers
Jesus Santana
Chloe Shamblin
Estefania Torijano
Kevin Urure-Cruz
Yamilec Valerio

Jewel Recognition

EMERALD (semester gpa 3.75+)
Samuel Afriyie