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Susan Jean Kenny

EOP Operations Coordinator

Alumni Hall 115A

"The primary mission of the EOP Staff is to help you to achieve academic excellence in all of your courses. I am personally available to help match you with a tutor who has knowledge and skills in the area(s) where you want to excel, or need support and help.”

I am also willing to support you with short-term needs and my specialties are in language skills, business management and Social Psychology. Please contact me if you need help in any of your classes, or with writing papers, time management strategies, study skills, test taking, or any other academic area.
We have many tutors available to work with you and we will set up one-on-one sessions to get you to your optimal academic performance level.

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Visit Susan to discuss your Academic needs and set up professional tutorial sessions.

Comments about the tutoring program:

"My tutor is very educated about subjects and she is very honest and helpful."

"It was fun, and I'd just like to say Thank You!"

"This semester I took classes that were more challenging and demanding. Because of this, I realize I am losing confidence in my ability to do my work. However, when I work with my tutor, she encourages me to keep trying."

"My tutor was very helpful and very patient with me, which really helped."

"I love working with my tutor because he really was a lot of help and he helped me improve my writing skills."

"I believe I should have used tutorial more."

"The EOP tutorial service is a lot of help...there is nothing to improve and a lot to gain."

NOTE: Although quotes are anonymous, they were provided directly through our EOP tutorial survey.