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Psychological Screening Assessments


There are some great websites that allow individuals to do some self-assessment on issues regarding mental health concerns. Here are some of our favorite websites for self assessment. 

Self-assessment about a mental health issue can be very helpful but does not  take the place of talking to an informed and supportive person who cares. These self assessments can be helpful first steps towards personal growth either in counseling or through self-directed learning.

Personality Assessment - Find out what your personality type is! This assessment is based on the Meyers-Briggs Type indicator.

General Mental Health Screening-  Screens for thirteen of the most common mental health conditions that college students face, including depression and anxiety.

Strength-based assessments - links to multiple positive psychology self-assessments. Discover your personal strengths and find out about other factors related to happiness.

Alcohol Screening - Do you think you may have a problem with Alcohol?

Internet addiction screening