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Eating Disorders


Eating Disorders are characterized by a significant disturbance in eating behavior such as restricting food, bingeing and purging, or binge eating. Eating Disorders can emerge from complex factors including physical or medical, psychological, cultural, and familial sources. Those with eating disorders are often ashamed and secretive about their eating behavior and may initially be reluctant to seek help. This page is intended to provide some links to information about eating disorders that may help you or help a friend who is struggling with their eating behavior, weight, or body image. There is also a self-screening below to determine if you may have symptoms of an eating disorder, and links to general information about treatment for eating disorders. If you are seeking treatment locally, you can start by contacting the Counseling Center.

Learn more about Eating disorders by visiting the National Eating Disorders Association website.

 If you are worried a friend may have an eating disorder or other mental health issue, follow this link. Or read more about how to help a friend with an eating disorder here.

Try these resources also:

Watch the PBS television show Nova episode on eating disorders and pressure to be thin "Dying to be Thin" on line.

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